Chapter 86.

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Hey guys. Updating this chapter once again since some of you mentioned about being confused after reading this. Please ensure you have read  the previous chapter..chapter 85 before this.. and this one before chapter 87..a lot will make more sense.. rest..will clear as the mystery solves ..very soon!

Before you start reading guys remember we are dealing with people who have been lawyers for generations, so it is natural for them to encounter hard core criminals and also face situations that may seem too frightening.

Narrative POV.

Short distance from Sharavn's apartment.

A man with salt and pepper hair pushed the heavy door of the dainty old room and entered with an irritated scowl on his face.

The door screeched open and the damp smell of the old cellar hit him. The scrubby boy who sat near the door got up with a start and almost started trembling at his sight.

Allen smirked, his ego boosted. The laddie was scared of him. He liked it. When they are new they are all scared it's only when they hang around for longer they get ideas and turn into over smart buggers.

Like Toddy.

"What is your name laddie?" Allen asked trying his best to make his sqeaky voice sound as manly as he could.

"Stuart." The lad stammered.

"Like Stuart little? The mouse?" Allen laughed at his attempt of cracking a joke. He patted the scared looking Stuart's back "Keep up the good work laddie."

Placing his dripping umbrella on the stand he narrowed his eyes on his companion Toddy.

"My, my some people have such fun and easy job." He commented, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Toddy snapped his eyes open and sat up straight in his chair.

"They sure do Allen. You sure have the best job of loitering around and poking nose in other's business." Toddy retorted equally irritated at his situation.

"Loitering around??" Allen boomed going red in the face. "I do all the hard work outside braving the worst of weather while you relax and do the easy task."

"Easy task?!" Toddy spluttered. Before he could rant further Allen interjected.

"Sorry my bad." Allen said raising his hands in mock defeat. "You don't do the easy task you basically do nothing. It's been almost a week since we docked our boat in the harbour and still you have no concrete information! The only thing that you have managed to find out is that the harbour has some information within it."

Allen proceeded to place his heavy butt on a rickety chair. When the chair creaked it's protest on the heavy weight Toddy gave a smug look hoping it would buckle under the weight of the sarcastic tub of lard in front of him.

"I do have some news for you today." Toddy said smirking.

"You do?" Allen sat up slightly, his pot belly waggling as he shifted his heavy backside making the chair creak dangerously.

Toddy nodded and continued with a wicked grin on his face "Danny's mother is mad at him and locked him up in the attic without food or water for almost an hour."

"What?" Allen stood up lifting his fat butt up so suddenly that the chair fell backwards and some splinters of the rotten wood flew around.

Toddy nodded and tried hard not to laugh at Allen's expression. "Danny was locked up in an attic?"

"He had pushed Ravi while running to sit in his car." Toddy said beginning to enjoy this now.

"Who's Ravi?"

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