Part 98*

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Sumo, Shravan and the family drove back home tired and exhausted. Everyone had danced the night out and enjoyed Sumo's celebrations. Even Shravan had forgotten about the whole Verma issue and moved on, enjoying himself with Sumo.

They got back to the Malhotra Mansion and without being told, every couple went off to their own rooms.

Shravan and Sumo were left behind. Sumo was turning to go up the stairs when Shravan pulled her hand, caging her in between both of his arms as Sumo was stuck between the wall and Shravan.

Shravan leaned into her, pressing his body with hers. Sumo blushed and looked away. Shravan's breath fanned her face as he kept going closer and closer to her, until his face was by her ear.

He kissed her cheeks going towards her ears, leaving wet kisses everywhere, once again stopping by her ears.

Shravan: (in a husky voice) Intoxicating.

Sumo: (nervous) Sh-Shravan we're still in the living room. Someone will come.

Shravan: (kissing down her neck) Shhhh...... Has anyone told you how beautiful you look?

Sumo: (blushing) Shravan stop. (trying to get out of his grasp)

Shravan: (in a husky voice) You're driving me insane Sumo. God, why are you so beautiful?!

Sumo: (pushing him off and blushing) Do what you want to do in the bedroom! Not here!

Shravan: (kissing her lips) Sounds good. Let's continue this. (Kissing her again) in the bedroom.

Sumo and Shravan were heading up the stairs when the lights of their house turned off, leaving Sumo frozen in one place.

Sumo: Sh-Shravan? Shravan where are you?? (reaching around and trying to find him)

Shravan: (holding her hand) Sumo calm down, I'm right over here.

Sumo: Why did the lights go out Shravan?! I can't see anything! Shravan?!

Shravan: Relax Sumo, I'm going to go and check. Stay here, I'll be back in a second.

Sumo: No! Don't leave me here!! Shravan please!!! (holding him tighter)

Shravan: Jaan, I'll be back in a minute. And we are in our own house! You don't need to worry about anything.

Sumo: Ok, but be back soon!

Shravan: I promise! Just stay here an don't try to go anywhere. I don't want you to trip and fall over something. Here, turn the flashlight on your phone on.

Shravan left and Sumo stood there in the dark, slightly scared, with the flashlight on her phone.

Shravan went to the back of their house where the breakers for the lights were. He used the flashlight in his phone and looked through the electrical equipment.

Shravan: (in his mind) Everything looks fine. Then why did the lights go?

Shravan was about to turn around and leave when something caught his eyes.

Shravan shined his flashlight one more time towards the bottom of all of the wires. After looking closely at the wires, Shravan noticed one of the wire cut off from the center.

Shravan: (to himself) This wire?! Why is it cut like this?? It can't just happen on its own! That means someone cut it on purpose. But who? I'll have to find out!

Shravan's thoughts were interrupted by a loud scream.

Sumo: (screaming) SHRAVAN!!!!!!

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