Chapter Seventeen- Stu Stu Stuck On Rewind

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Chapter Seventeen- Stu Stu Stuck On Rewind

June 20th: Waxing Crescent

    My eyes grew hazy as the memory took over everything. I could hear Joseph and Blue Eyes fade out in the  background as they called my name. Then, I was immersed in a movie like state, watching as a black as night panther stood amongst two large wolves. I knew immediately that the giant, vicious, cat was me and that the other two were Lockheart and Haden (I could feel myself without actually being in my body). They surrounded me as they growled at one another. Being actually apart of the memory I could hear what they were actually saying, but I was surprised to find that we were speaking through our minds. I felt like screaming over exposure to the supernatural again.

    "Haden you go west and I will take Amanda with me east," Lockheart said, the tone in our heads menacing as he dared Haden to even go against his orders.

    I was quick to tell though that Haden could have cared less about anything Lockheart had to say. "Actually I was thinking Amanda would be safe with me considering we didn't think they took our pack west. I mean, you always go on about how she has to stay safe right?"

    I had been standing there in the middle of the stalmate, waiting for them to get over their petty fighting and get on with the search party. Was it really such a big deal who I went with? As I listened and watched though I could see that it was a big deal. The only thing is, neither boy had been paying attention to me so I slowly inched out of the area we were standing in. Once I was in the clear I broke out into a run, going east.

    The guys hadn't begun any kind of pursuit so I kept moving foward, using my strong sense of smell to guage what had happened to the rest of the pack; where I could find them. At that time I had been saying in my mind that it was absolutely idiotic that Lockheart and Haden never let me do anything. All they ever worried about was my "safety" and keeping me out of the loop of things. I could tell from the memory that I was willing to change all of that to gain more freedom from them. What seriously was their issue with my safety though?

    A scent in the wind caught my nose and I sniffed up at the air. It was an iron-like smell that I knew almost immediately was blood. I followed it, my four legs pumping faster in search of the substance. My brain on the other hand was in a frenzy. The animal side of me was begging to start in on the hunt, to tear something apart with the knife teeth in my mouth. A distant thought in my subconscious could remember a quiet voice telling me that if I change without the full moon control would  be harder to obtain...I would become ill. 

    I could feel the want building up in my body as I tried with little success to calm my animal side down. When I could handle it no longer I changed out of my animal form, sucking in deep breaths as if I'd been drowning. My naked body shook in the cold wind as I stood their in the middle of the forest trying to regain control over myself. If I didn't I would turn back and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I would kill someone. 

    I could hear Lockheart and Haden running through the forest as my panther ears still hadn't adjusted to being human again. They were maybe a half mile away, but that didn't mean they couldn't catch up quickly. I took off at a sprint, not caring that my lungs were burning in silent protest. Though I was now in human form I was in a good enough physical state that I could out run them for awhile. They would of course catch up to me eventually, but the running bought me some time to get the pack member before them. 

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