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valentina_rivera: comfy clothes make for a comfy mama

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valentina_rivera: comfy clothes make for a comfy mama

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username1: why does she always look so cute

username2: t minus four months until the baby is due

username3: show !!! us !!! your !!! bump !!!

elizabetholsenofficial: can you hurry up and get home??? i've been waiting in your apartment for like an hour??? whERE even are you???

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial with my mom? i'm leaving in 5, so sit tight... and also order a chinese, please and thank you xoxo

elizabetholsenofficial: valentina_rivera you're lucky i love you???

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial so lucky😌


this just in: elizabeth olsen smuggled seb into the apartment & now they're both ordering val her gosh darn chinese food bc seb knows exactly what she likes

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