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valentina_rivera: with my boys💕

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valentina_rivera: with my boys💕

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username1: actual parents

username2: the parenting dream team

username3: i still maintain that will is baby nug's dad👀

garcia_s: can't believe you'd leave me out like this AGAIN

oliviaofficial: garcia_s let's start our own group

garcia_s: oliviaofficial we'll be the dynamic duo

willventuri: garcia_s and we'll be the terrific trio

valentina_rivera: willventuri garcia_s actually, we'll be the fantastic four because baby nug

imsebastianstan: hear that, chrisevans? they're the fantastic four

chrisevans: imsebastianstan leave me alone

valentina_rivera: imsebastianstan chrisevans yeah, seb, leave america's sweetheart alone

username4: username3 i maintain that chris is the dad i mean come on ^^^

username5: username4 i maintain that elizabeth is the dad

elizabetholsenofficial: username5 damn i've been caught up, the jig is up valentina_rivera

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial you're such a loser

username6: i just... james looks so... beautiful(?) in this picture


damn the fans are cracking down on baby nug's paternity

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