It was hilarious watching Dante strangle his throat as tears rolled down his cheek before a lopsided smile casted upon his lips.

"Why did you choke out of a sudden?" I chuckled with amused eyes.

"Nothing...I j-just have a friend with a similar name..." his eyes wandered over my features but he seemed a little too tense.

Lies, for sure. I could feel it.

"So you guys were friends?" He confirmed with a raised eyebrow, recovering from his panic.

"He was both my best friend and boyfriend..." I muttered lowly.


"Some big things happen between us." I decided to keep my sentences short and simple, I didn't want Dante breaking down my walls that easily.

Nodding his head, his eyes drifted to the window beside us. His mouth fell slightly ajar as he squinted his eyes.

"What the hell are they doing here?!" He mumbled out before pushing his chair away abruptly. As he turned away, Jordan and Brad came dashing through the doors.

"THERE YOU ARE!" Brad screamed out in relief while panting hard.

"SANTA MARIA!" Jordon fell to the floor before lying flat right in the middle of the entire cafe.

"This better be something important if you ca–" Dante crossed his arms in annoyance before Brad interrupted him.

"E-Emily...Red Note...kidnap..." he slouched forward with his hands on his knees, still panting.

Red note? Kidnap? What the hell was going on?

In swift movements, I got off my chair and stood beside Dante.

"Looking fine like always, Skylar." Jordan lifted his head slightly off the ground before winking.

"Brad, what happen?" Dante glared at Jordan's comment before asking Brad more sternly.

Standing straight, Brad brushed his platinum blonde hair backwards as he took a deep breath.

"There was a red note on your door, I think you might want to see that for yourself." Brad gulped before passing the note.

' I told you it will get worse. If you want Emily back, you're gonna have to play a game with me. First, go to the CD shop at Waterfront Avenue and show the person at the counter your middle finger. He'll know what to do next.

-3W! '

Dante read out in a low tone before grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me out if the cafe, with Brad and Jordan following closely behind.

What did 3W! want from me now? Was it because of the kiss?
Was he in the car that Emily left in the previous night?

I kept wrecking my brain while having almost 10 heart attacks at the speed Dante was driving at, he's eyes were burning holes into the road ahead. We did a quick cut into Waterfront avenue, before entering the old unfurnished CD shop.

The shop was deserted and it had that eery atmosphere which made me shiver. All I wanted to do was crawl back into my bed and pretend that this was all just a dream. Snapping back into reality, my eyes darted towards the back of the shop.

At the counter, there stood a large muscular man around his 30's who had tattoos painted all over his body, with three golden rings enclosed around his left ear. I swear I saw a unicorn tattoo.

"Are we really suppose to raise our middle fingers at him? Have you seen how threatening he looks?!" I whispered harshly at Dante.

Dante remained quiet, deep in thought. Jordan shoved him aside before walking up towards the counter.

"You guys are such pussys." He muttered out before raising his middle finger proudly while giving the man a million dollar smile.

The tattooed man stared at him with a blank look before smiling mischievously. He took out a recorder from a random drawer before handing it to Jordan.

"Run along kiddos, and listen to that tape. Carefully. Oh and Skylar?" The man called out to me before signaling me to come towards him.

How did he know my name?

I walked towards him cautiously, still trying to process this entire situation.
Leaning over the counter, he whispered into my ear.

" He's on your side, trust me."

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