= Chapter 24 =

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"I did not just kiss you. Instead, I felt your flaws, pain, sorrows and love when I kissed you."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Dante and I decided to go a short pit-stop at the nearby càfe which gave off a warm vibe just by looking at it.

Buying my double chocolate latte and Dante his Green tea latte, we sat at the small table right at the corner of the càfe.

" I hate chocolate!" He casted me a disgusted look, shaking his head vigorously.

"How dare you break my heart like a biscuit!" I screamed exaggeratedly.

"Biscuit?" He chuckled.

"Chocolate is my life, my soul, my husban–" I sighed dreamily before Dante interrupted me.

"Stop breaking my heart too!! I thought I was all of those to you, not the god damn chocolate." He pouted with his straw at the side of his mouth, sipping continuously.

Snickering, I slapped his arm playfully before drowning myself into my ice chocolate latte.

"21 questions?"

"I knew you were interested in me." He gave me a smug look which I rolled my eyes in respond.

Running my fingers through my cascading brown locks, I got my question that actually stung me in the heart, a few unforgettable nightmares hit me.

"Danny, have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person?" I traced random patterns on the wooden table, unwilling to look into his eyes.

Would he have experienced something as bad as mine? Would he judge me?

"Unfortunately, my one true love remains myself." He says with a posh accent.

My train of worries and thoughts disappeared like thin air the moment he answered, and instead a cheeky smile laced upon my lips.

"At least, you don't have to worry about rejection, Dante Valentino." I did my best British lady-like accent in return.

"Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting." Dante winked at me mischievously which caused me to burst out laughing.

He always knew how to break that awkward atmosphere around us which I was so grateful for. Furrowing his eyebrows, he released the straw from his lips before licking off the coffee foam.

"So...who was your best friend back in LA?"

Biting my lip, I took a deep breath. I knew this topic would come up, it was inevitable.

"Jonah Gustin."

The moment his name rolled off my tongue, Dante's eyes widened in panic before he choked on his coffee which caused his T-shirt to get stained.
Coughing hard, he held his hand out in the air to signal me to give him a moment. It took a while and I had to hold back the laughter that was begging to burst out.

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