Tounge Tied

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Here are the details of my newest story...

Scott and Carlie, Carlie and Scott...

From the moment these two lay eyes on each other it seems inevitable that they'll end up together. Sure, they're young so mistakes are made along the way, but the connection they share is like nothing either of them has ever experienced before.

That is...until fate gets in the way.

A catastrophic event leaves Carlie questioning everything. Every single decision that she's ever made comes under scrutiny, including those that involve Scott.

There's something she needs to say, but is she brave enough or will Carlie always be...Tongue Tied?


A boiling hot, bitter-tasting rage bubbled in my stomach. My throat burned, my lips tingled, my intestines coiled painfully around my lungs squeezing all the air out of them as my mind tumbled back over everything that just happened.

How did I let things get so bad?

All I wanted to do was scream and shout, to let out some of the frustration that had me breathless, but I didn't have the energy. I felt emotionally drained, like I didn't have anything left to offer the world. It took everything that I had just to keep on going. Even that had my eyelids dangerously heavy.

I pulled the car to a halt at the traffic lights and I tapped my fingers noisily against the steering wheel while I waited impatiently. My brain darted everywhere, even if I wanted to contain my thoughts I couldn't, the anger was simply too powerful. It rolled through me in waves, swallowing up all my organs in the process.

I couldn't work out exactly what I'd done to lead myself down such a terrible path, I wished desperately that I could pinpoint the moment so I could unravel it all to try again, but it was clear. What I really needed was a fresh start...

Then, three things happened all at once: my mobile phone blasted out its obnoxious ringtone, the light flickered onto green, and as my foot slammed down onto the accelerator there was a deep bright flash that appeared to come from nowhere.

What the...?

I couldn't resist turning my head to find out what the seemingly inhuman glow indicated, but before my neck could make one full spin a shocking sensation slammed into my right-hand side.

The noise came after. The deafening crush exploded my eardrums ensuring that I'd never hear anything ever again. As my brain shattered I felt oddly calm. The emotions seeped from me, leaving me with nothing but numbness. It was the end and weirdly I just didn't care. It felt good to have nothing left to worry about.

I suppose, in a dark and twisted way, it solved all of my problems.

The pain was ice cold, then burning, then it felt like my entire body was on fire as I cascaded through the car, bumping into parts of it that I'd never touched before. My ragdoll body flopped like it had no bones within it, and soon I figured it probably wouldn't.

I wasn't sure where I landed, but the moment I stopped moving the world became a pinhole. A circle filled my vision and it grew smaller and smaller as a deep blackness came for me.

Within that darkness, there was only one face. Dark, curly hair, deep hazel eyes, an olive-coloured skin that was so soft I desperately wanted to reach out and touch it. The only person who ever made me happy, and now I'd never get to see him again

I'm sorry, Scott, I'll miss you.

I've always loved only you.

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