Working at McDonald?

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Why do I work at a McDonald restaurant?
The answer is simple,People want to buy make some money,pay bills,feed yourself,and wanna buy things you wanna get,or get help to pay for your school fees or college.

Is it easy or hard?
On your first day of the job,it is very easy to work on the first day,but days, it gonna kick your ass when they want you to do everything after you working your ass off. It easy and hard sometimes.

How much money you get?
It depends how many hours you be working there and you find out when you get paid.

When do you get paid?
Every two weeks,but if you lucky,you might get paid every week but it always two weeks when getting pay.

Is it a pain in the ass?
Yes it is,after hours and hours,you might tired of standing up and might to take a break but can't, because consumers want that happy smile on their faces when they wanna get that meal they order.

Can you get a day off?
Yes, you can get a day off by changing your hours and days of working by going to the manager and change your days of working.

Can you get a free meal if you a employer working there?
No,if you lucky by asking your manager, than you are good if he or she say yes,if no by asking the manager, than you should have guts knowing he or she will say no.AT LEAST YOU GET %50 DISCOUNT ON A MEAL YOU ORDER.

Do you have to buy a uniform?
No,just get black shoes that is non-slip and black working pants like black jeans or black dickies pants.

Do you get use to it?
Well, I don't wanna quit, event it a pain in the ass by standing up longer and longer, I get use to it.

Can tell us some tips and stuff?
Always clean your hands, always wear uniform, always come in time,no attitude, no stealing from the company(you will get fire),can't not be your phone during phone,no standing around,always check if more foods gotta be cook,have a smile or just a face on your face,If you gotta use the restroom,just ask and go and wash yours hands always,Be careful when cooking or making the sandwiches, follow orders, be nice,clock in time always, keep the food on heat mode,no face to face with anyone,if a another employee come at you the wrong way..don't do noting..pretty sure that employee will get fire or suspend for days.

That pretty much it guys.
Thx for reading this and I will see you guys next time.
Oh p.s,If you got a question you wanna ask me,just comment and I reply back in a min or hours(or days)


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