Part 4

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Joseph: Petra!!!
Joseph: Petra, answer me babe!
Petra: Keep your hair on, Joe. What's wrong?
Joseph: Get out the house now.
Petra: What are you talking about, Joe hon?
Joseph: Idk, but trust me. Get out the bloody house.
Petra: No! I wont until you tell me why!
Joseph: Oh my goddd Pet! I can't text you the whole story. Call me.
Petra: Fine.
~this is the call~
Petra: Babe, what the hell is going on?
Joseph: Get out th-
Petra: Oh for Heavens sake! Tell me why!
Joseph: Petra, you need to understand. You knew my Father, righ-
Petra: We are not changing the subj-
Joseph: I'm not. Father was awful to me. A bloody idiot, if I do say so myself. He died in his old house, the house we live in now.
Petra: Euch! And you never told me?!
Joseph: Shush. Anyway, in his will, they found a secret message. It said that he would get revenge on ME by setting fire to his house in exactly 3 years time. Well... it's now 3 years. You're in the house. GET OUT!
Petra: And you really believe that rubbish, Joe? Patheti- AAHHHHH!!!
Petra: Hello son.

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