Part 32 The Honda Center Part 2

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"IT'S SHOWTIME IN TEN GUYS," the Technician says, walking quickly past the dressing room.

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Yet this room does not exude excitement and joy.

Modeus sits half-naked with a thin layer of sweat accentuating his perfect upper body physique. His foreboding anxiety cuts away his at his sexy demeanor as he stares into the distance rubbing his thumb against his lower lip.

Sitting next to him quietly, I hold onto the selenite Freddy left behind hoping its power has helped me cover my emotions for Freddy. Otherwise, I am dead.

Steve and Miguel sit on the other side of Modeus looking anxious and preoccupied. Neither was able to locate Freddy or the sword.

Angelo picks at his bass and looks around as his gorgeous mannequin watches him intently waiting for just a smidgen of his attention.

Other beautiful women circle the dressing room outside waiting anxiously for their fix of these guys, but none of them look to be in the mood.

One of the many Stage Technicians enters the dressing room. "Showtime, let's go."

We all pile out in an orderly fashion and head towards the stage. I fall back and let everyone walk ahead of me.

Modeus falls back next to me. You have been different since this morning. Distant. It's because of what you have seen, isn't it?

I look straight ahead at the band walking in front of us. Yes. That and I'm afraid of this change you mentioned.

You're afraid because it's the unknown.

Why don't you just tell me what it involves?

Because I don't want to frighten you.

I bite down on my lower lip and look around. Does it have something to do with the sword?

Modeus stops walking and turns to me. "Why do you ask that?"

"Does it?" I say, voice now louder than before.

A couple of stagehands walk by us and nod.

Modeus grabs my arm and continues to walk. You're going to have to trust me that now is not the time.

We approach backstage tensely gazing at each other.

The stagehands attack Modeus pushing me to the side. Everyone wants a piece of my rock Demon at this moment. Although there is enough chaos around him to distract the most focused of athletes, Modeus does not take his eyes off of me. For whatever it's worth, I'm falling deeply in love with you Brenda and I promise that I will never hurt you... ever. I will explain everything after the concert.

My eyes widen... my heart races.

Lights dim and enthusiastic chants of "MODEUS" erupt from the audience that I'm sure this stadium has never heard—even for this size.

One by one, the band takes the stage starting with Miguel, then Angelo, followed by Steve. They wave to the thousands of half-naked women, chanting. "Modeus. Modeus. Modeus..."

Miguel hits a melodic beat with his bass drum as Steve and Angelo scoop up their instruments.

Modeus charges center stage in all his sexual glory. Orgasmic screams of female fans ricochet from the stadium walls like a crackle of thunder brought down from the heavens.

I inhale hard and disappear to the side of the stage next to Richard.

Modeus stares out at his audience. He smiles and raises his arms out to the side as if he were leading this massive crowd of women into battle. He brings the microphone to his mouth.

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