"He's sweet," Adam pet one flickering ear.

"Or maybe he just knows not to hurt an angel," Vitesh teased and laughed when Adam elbowed his side. "Brace yourself; I'll use my smoke to get us back to the warm fires."

Adam hugged him and eased Kujo's evident distress with a nuzzle as the crimson smoke trails circled them.

The ever helpful resident healer by the name of Naina waited patiently by the door. In her hand, a glass bottle full of pale plastic capsules gleamed. Each pill filled with blue dust and earthy flecks, carefully contained in such a thin plastic covering. "Your suppressants, pilla," She announced, eyes bright and brows raised slightly. "You could take one now. It's always a good idea to digest when they are taken on a full stomach."

"My tummy is very full," Adam pat his slightly rounded belly full of food. "Mate cooked."

"Vitesh? The son of fire and charred food itself, cooked?" Naina giggled. "He'd terrorise his mother in the kitchen, trying to help with meals and end up setting a stove or two on fire in the process. He was such an adorable chaos in the kitchens."

"I may have practised, okay?" Vitesh huffed, puffing out his cheeks and giving Adam a cavity in the process. Kujo grumbled in Adam's arms at the display, rolling slitted eyes in disdain. "I only broke five pots too."

"Those twisted hunks of metal were you?" Naina rolled her dark eyes. "Leave the cooking to Verut and his aides, will you?"

Adam giggled when Vitesh flushed. "Was good food, though," He protested for his mate and licked his lips. "I will help next time if it makes you feel better."

"You are far too kind to this little firecracker," Naina's eyes scrunched up in amusement and a cup of water floated over. The scent of the suppressants were bitter when they got closer but Adam had ingested worse. He scrunched up his nose and heard Kujo hiss. "Just a little swallow and you'll feel sleepy. They may elevate your temperature as well for the first few days."

"I will summon some cooling cloths for him if he needs it," Vitesh promised, fingers sifting through the hair and relaxing Adam faster than the wolf's own nerves could. "You want to start today?"

Better to get it out of the way than to keep on stressing needlessly. Adam tipped his head back and dropped the capsule into his mouth, taking a gulp of the water within seconds. The moment the plastic slipped down his throat, he shuddered. "Ick," He poked his tongue out with a scrunched up frown and felt the thing kick in faster than he'd expected. He all but flopped back against Vitesh and mumbled something incoherent. Kujo hissed up to the Jinni but kept his perch on Adam's neck.

"Kicks in fast," Naina stated, adjusting her veil and massive head scarf. "He should sleep in your bed where your scent is strongest. Imran would be happy to take over your reports for a few hours."

Adam fought not to tug on Vitesh's sleeve. It didn't sound half bad and the wolfish desire to hunker down and roll onto his belly reared its ugly head, too strong. Adam slapped a hand over his mouth and blushed at the high-pitched whine that leaked through. With a soft whimper, he let Vitesh pull it away and his eyes slid to the space above Vitesh's shoulder.

"Then, napping it is," He whispered, tilting his head to slide his nose against Adam's jaw. "It's okay, Adam. You want some of the deer your brother brought along? It's bloody and soaking."

"Could you go chop up a few slabs?" Naina asked one of the women by her side who rushed to attention. "Rathod-sahab, we will be fine down here. Take your Chosen and rest. Don't think we won't confine you both in there if I don't think you've gotten too little sleep."

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