Chapter 17 ― River Song

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“Who’s River Song?” I asked, still not understanding.

“Let’s say an old friend… that we know nothing about, but she knows everything about us,” Amy explained vaguely. “You’ll love her.”

I frowned, not sure of that.

The TARDIS started to shake and the beautiful noise of the engine echoed in the room.

“Right place?” Amy asked as she stepped out of the TARDIS.

“Just follow the coordinates on the cliff face. Earth. Britain,” he checked his watch. “1:02AM. No! PM,” he stopped a moment, squinting down at the small screen on his wrist. “No, AD!”

I looked around to see a vase ground with tents pint up and Roman soldiers walking around, wearing that metal armor and helmets with the tip thing that made me think of a broom.

“That’s a Roman Legion,” Amy pointed out, pointing a man who simply walked by.

“Well yes, the Roman’s invaded Britain several times during this period,” the Doctor said.

“I know. My favorite topic at school. Invasion of the hot Italians,” she laughed.

I giggled as well. Suddenly, a soldier, out of breath, ran up to us and stood in front of the Doctor. He placed a first on his chest.

“Hail Caesar!” and he kneeled to the ground.

“Hi,” was all the Doctor said.

I then noticed that confused Roman had a smudge of lipstick on his cheek.

“Welcome to Britain. We are honoured by your presence,” the soldier greeted him.

“Well, you’re only human. Arise… Roman person,” the Doctor said, looking a little lost, but amused which I loved.

Amy leaned behind the Doctor.

“Why does he think you’re Caesar?” she asked quietly.

“Cleopatra will see you now,” the soldier announced as he stood up.

He turned around and started walking towards the biggest tent. The Doctor simply shrugged and we followed him. As we walked, I took a moment to really look around. It was gloomy and dark. Thousands of tents had been pitched all over the grounds and men walked in straight lines left and right. I didn’t really like it here.

We walked into the tent we were leaded towards to see a woman with fake looking black hair wearing Egyptian clothing as two servants waited on her.

“Hello, sweetie,” she smiled to the Doctor.

“River! Hi,” Amy said happily.

But the Doctor didn’t seem too amused.

“You graffitied the oldest cliff-face in the universe,” he said sternly.

“You wouldn’t answer your phone,” she replied wittily.

So this was River? She looked a lot more like Cleopatra if you asked me. Or was she just in costume? If there was one thing I knew, I didn’t like the way she looked at the Doctor or the way the Doctor looked at her.

She clapped her hands and the servants left the room. River stood up and picked up a scrolled canvas and points in the Doctor’s direction.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“It’s a painting. Your friend Vincent,” she explained and he started to unroll it. “One of his finals works. He had a vision, didn’t he? I thought you ought to know about this one.”

“Doctor? Doctor what is this?” Amy questioned, looking over his shoulder.

He remained silent and looked puzzled. I walked up to see the painting in his hands. In a ball of fire in the sky, the TARDIS was exploding.


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