Part 3

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Adam: Dillon, you there?
Dillon: Yeah, why?
Adam: I'm home alone.
Dillon: Don't say you're scared 😂
Adam: Dil...
Dillon: What?
Adam: There's someone in the front garden.
Dillon: Probs your Dad.
Adam: Oh yeah, my Dad's totally going to be digging around the front garden.
Dillon: Oh... probably a druggie or a drunk guy. It is 10pm.
Adam: I doubt it.
Dillon: What does he look like?
Adam: Oh my God
Dillon: What?
Adam: He's looking up at me
Dillon: What does he look like, Ad?
Adam: He has a comletely white face, with black eyes. Just eyes. No nose, mouth or ears. Blood is pouring out of his eyes.
Adam: At least, I think they're eyes.
Dillon: Stop joking around 😂
Adam: Honestly, I'm not! I swear. I could always send a photo.
Dillon: OK then.
Adam Pewel has sent a photo
Dillon: Call the police now.
Adam: They wont believe me!
Dillon: CALL THE POLICE! Say that there is someone breaking in.
Dillon: Adam??!!
Adam: The police are coming. I'm hiding in my wardrobe with the biggest knife I could find.
Adam: Dillon, I'm scared.
Dillon: It'll be ok, I promise!
Dillon: Adam don't panic, the police are coming.
Adam: It's face!! It has a mouth. It curves vertically up his cheek, and it's nothing more than a slit! It's eyes are now red, completely red, and it's as skinny as a stick! No joke!
Dillon: I believe you. I've left my house and I'm running towards yours. I'll be there soon!
Adam: good. be here as soon as possible. i think it might eat me.
Dillon: Ok, I'm outside. The front door is locked. Imma go through the window.
Adam: good.
Dillon: Wait...
Adam: what?
Dillon: You're not Adam, are you?
Dillon: fhcsggkjvgggggggggggggggggggggggggg

EDIT: I've had a lot of people saying that I've copied 'Annie96 is typing'. I never copied it, but I will admit that the story is inspired by that. So please stop insisting that I've stole their story and not credited them. It really annoys me...

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