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Things you need to know:
Y/n~ Your Name

L/n~ Last Name

F/c~ Favorite Color

E/c~ Eye Color

H/c~ Hair Color

H/l~ Hair Lenght

More will be added in the future :3
Chapter seven;
Meeting Mujo

Y/n's POV

"Oh Shit!" I screamed while I was tumbling down the hill while Hana is just laughing her arse off.

You may be wondering "why the heck are we even here at the first place?!?" Well to answer that Hana was showing me around the school and we stumbled upon a hill at the back of the school so we decided to go there. Thus here I am rolling down the hill.

"Bloody hell!" I cursed while holding my scratched arm.

"Are you done yet?" I shouted at Hana who's still laughing her arse off.

"G-gomen.........nasai......Y/n~......sama" She said in between laughs while I just "Tched" at her.
(Wow! Reader~chan is turning into Levi 😱😱😱)

After a long while Hana finally stopped laughing and became serious.

"Y/n~sama you really need to go to the nurse's office to get that bandaged up" She said while pointing at my scratched arm.

"Ok..Well see you tomorrow" I said while going to the nurse's office waving at Hana with my un-scratched arm.


Mujo's PoV

As I was humming softly to myself I saw a girl with H/l H/c hair and E/c colored eyes entering with her right arm scratched.

"Oh my! What happened to your right arm dear?" I asked worry laced in my voice.

"I fell off that bloody hill outside."  She said with a British accent.

"she must be the new transfer student from England Y/n L/n' I thought.

"Well my name is Mujo Kina. What's your name my dear?" I asked pretending that I don't know her name just to make sure my conclusion is correct.

"Well My names Y/n L/n, I'm from England so I kinda don't understand Japanese that well" She said with her British accent which I find adorable.

"It's ok my dear just sit over there while I grab the bandages." I said pointing to the chair beside my table while I was opening my cupboard to grab the bandages. After I grabbed the bandages I ran over to her then...... I....... Tripped...... On her lap causing her to blush bright red.

" OMG GOMENASAI Y/N IM JUST SUPER CLUMSY!!!" I panicked causing her to giggle at my reaction.

"Omg her giggle is so cute" I thought while being flustered.


After I bandaged her arm she left waving at me while I waved back at her.

"God she's so cute...."

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