Part 2

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Aggie: Hey. Do you wanna go out?
Ben: Yeah. In a minute.
Aggie: Where do you wanna go?
Ben: Haunted woods
Aggie: No
Ben: Why not? Are you a wuss?
Aggie: Excuse me? I've watched many horror films. You know I have.
Ben: I know, I know. What's wrong with it?
Aggie: Now, do you remember my old friend Dianne Dwane?
Ben: Yeah. What happened to her?
Aggie: She went to the Haunted woods.
Ben: Yeah...?
Aggie: She never came out. The police recieved a phone call of her crying, and an eery voice in the background, repeating the same words over and over again.
Ben: What were those words?
Aggie: 'Don't enter the Haunted Woods.'
Ben: Then what happened?
Aggie: The police searched for her. It took them days to find her body. She was lying in the mud with blood over her body. Engraved in her arm was a deep cut saying 'Don't enter the haunted woods.'
Ben: Oh my God. Did they find the murderer?
Aggie: Nope. There were no finger or footprints or anything.
Ben: Did anything happen to the policemen?
Aggie: One died in their sleep that night. Another two died in a car crash a week later and the forth went mad and killed himself.
Ben: Creepy
Aggie: How about McDonalds?
Ben: Good idea.

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