Part 1

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Julie: Hey babe 😘
Julie: Hon, why aren't you replying?
Harry: Shush. Don't text me.
Julie: Why? What's wrong?
Harry: It's the baby!
Julie: What do you mean?
Harry: She's mental! 😨
Julie: Suzie is a sweet little girl. Even the social worker said so!
Harry: Yeah right.
Julie: It's true. Anyway, tell Mary thank you from me for being a great baby sitter ☺
Harry: She's dead
Julie: YOU WHAT?
Harry: I entered the house to see Mary lying on the living room floor with brutal stab wounds all over her, and I could hear Suzie giggling in her room.
Julie: Oh my god. Harry, I know you're joking. You always are.
Harry: Julie! Do you want a photo for proof? I took one before I ran and hid up here in the attic.
Julie: Go on then.
Harry Swittle has sent a photo
Harry: I told you! I knew Suzie was a psychopath. Ever since the dog was found decapitated in the back garden!
Julie: Have you called the police?
Julie: babe call the police now. I'm on my way now!
Julie: Harry please reply.
Julie: Babe? 😨
Harry: Daddy's dead. You're next.

A/N: Oml this is so cringy XD Yes I made this all the way in June 2017... I think. And now it's February 2018. Damn. Don't worry, they do get better XDXD 

I'm from the future lolololol

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