Chapter 1-Story of Belle

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Belle walks home everyday from work. She normally takes her bike, but her foster mother sold it for extra money. Probably drug money Belle thought. Children's laughter caught her attention as she looked up and saw them running away from a building. Mount Massive Asylum. Rumors of experiments on the patients would float around and then would disappear. Late at night, she would stare at the asylum and wait for the doctors to take the bodies to bury them. Nothing ever happened and she witnessed nothing. She could already hear the screaming coming from her run-down shitty home. Her foster father, Freddie, was an abusive and lazy alcoholic who would often try to seduce her into his bed. She always ran when he did. Irene, her foster mother, was a drug addict and very abusive towards her foster children. She expected for Belle to take care of the other two children she possessed. Belle's parents died from a fire when she young, leaving her alone and lost within the foster care system. Belle was an honor student but was forced to quit school to support her lazy foster parents. Her thoughts were interrupted by constant yelling of her foster father. "Belle! Where the fuck were you?" Freddie slurred from his 'throne' (couch). "Working, because you won't." Belle mumbled. "What?!" Freddie yelled. "Work. Why?" Belle replied. "Because I need a few more beers, please mi'lady! Hahahahaha!" His boisterous laughter would wake up an entire neighborhood. His laughter resonated in Belle's head every morning and night. Often times she thought of suicide. "Belle! Listen to your dad and buy more beer!" Irene screamed from the other room. Belle grabbed whatever money she had left and walked out of her home. Belle cried during her walk. She couldn't help it. Her life was so chaotic and restless. She looked up and saw she was already in front of Mount Massive Asylum. Screams bounced off the wall and outside of the asylum. Afraid, she began to walk towards the corner store. From a distance, little did she know, she was being watched.

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