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Times and times before Starbucks used to sooth Justin's inner demons, the light scent of coffee mixed with the plush stools relaxing his soul. But not this time. With his hands clammy and his heart thudding, his eyes darted towards the door whenever the ring of the bell met his eardrums. He had hope somewhere buried inside his heart, but his mind uttered all his worries; all the things that could possibly go wrong — although there was only one — Parvati not showing up. Not reciprocating the love he shared for her. 


With his thoughts so deep, deeper than a burrow, he hadn't seen her lean figure stumble in through the door. And he was somewhat glad he hadn't, because the moment he saw her, looked into her deep blue eyes that he was deprived of for a month, his heart skidded like a car would with an accident. It thudded wickedly at a pace he didn't know it could contain. 

"Hi, uh, hey, sit here." Justin pulled out the chair across from him. "Do you want anything?"

She shook her head, her brown hair longer than he had remembered. 

"Look.. I don't know where to start -"

"Start from the beginning, where you left me and went off with another girl.." her eyes fell limp, her thumbs twiddling together in unison, "I want to know everything. From beginning to end." 

"I..I had left the hotel after you hadn't said anything. I took your loss of words for rejection and.. and I don't like rejection. I hate rejection, ever since my Dad left us, I felt rejected. So I hate rejection. So I left the hotel.. and I went to a club, picked up the first.. the first girl I saw - and I took her back. And.. we.. we had sex. But oddly enough I didn't picture her as we.. had sex, I was picturing it was you.. because I was wishing.. it was you. I needed to fill the void, Parvati, the void I thought you weren't willing to fill."

"I.. I didn't know what to say at the time. I have a future Justin, a future that, at that time, didn't involve a tour bus and you. I was poor as a kid, did you know that? Probably not. I never told you. I was dirt poor. And I never wanted to be there again. So while people in high school had sex, partied, became superstars, I worked my hardest — spending my weekends on extra curricular activities so I could get a scholarship to Ryerson. Maybe.. maybe I got too stuck up in my future, that I lost my high school experience, that I lost the opportunity of puppy love. But my future seemed so important in high school, and it still had that night you confessed your.. love for me. But weirdly enough, my future doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Weirdly enough, I wasn't focusing on my extra curricular activities — I was thinking of you. Is this what high school girls felt? I.. I don't know. But it all just doesn't seem.. right anymore. My future doesn't seem right without.. without you." She bowed her head, "and that scares me, Justin, because you could easily ditch me when your done with me while my future is damaged forever. Yours wouldn't even be scythed. So how do I give that up? How do I get rid of that fear?"

"You go steady with me for four years at Ryerson University," he cooed. "And then after that we get married and have kids and a house and a white picket fence with a golden retriever in the front yard chasing Huckleberry." 

"You make it sound so easy," she pursed her lips. "Four years is a long time, Justin."

But, even though four years was along time, not even Parvati Hope Jones could deny the passion between them, the passion so strong that would incinerate your insides with one single kiss. 

"Do you love me?"

Parvati blinked. She was sure of it — she was sure this was love.


"And I love you. Everything about you. From the way you get caught up in a book to your obsessive compulsion disorder. I love it all. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was so scared of not being loved that I had to go out and get it from another. But it's you. It'll always be you. For thirty days, to four years, or to eternity, it will always be you, Parvati Hope Jones. Always. Let me prove to you that I can be the nice guy the tabloids rip on. Let me prove the tabloids wrong."

"I'm scared," she whispered.

"Parvati.. just.. trust me," he grabbed her fidgeting hand across the table, imagining the flickers of a camera outside, snapping every minute of their personal in depth conversation. "Trust me like the time you had at the shark tank, on the roof top of the hotel, just trust me." 

"B-but.. are you sure you want to go to Ryerson? I could go on tour with you for a year, put off school for a -"

"My mom always wanted me to go to University.." he smirked, leaning across the table and connecting their lips, only this time he wasn't imagining the flashes that flickered from outside the windows — those were real. 

And so were the fireworks that engulfed them both when their lips touched. Those were real, too, just like Nicholas Sparks had described them. Because they were in love. Not that thirty day kind of love crap, the real kind, the kind that lasts forever.

"Hey bro, did she say yes?" Chaz cupped his mouth, his voice echoing the tiny Starbucks. "Oh, sorry.." he waved his hands at the staring, and glaring, customers.

"Yeah she did," Justin mumbled with a grin, tightening his grasp on her hand.

"Okay.. hey, do you have five dollars? I want a frappachino.. or whatever the fuck it's called."

"No, go away." Justin mused.

"Hey Ryan! Do you have five dollars?" Chaz scurried off, his mopey hair flapping against his forehead.

"Why are we friends with them? They're so embarrassing.." Parvati scowled.

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