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(This is NOT the ending. One more chapter to go.)



Her hood slung over her face, hiding her from the sitting students that leaned forward excitedly in their seats, awaiting. Awaiting for something Parvati kept pondering on; why were all these students here, sitting patiently as the empty stage and darkened auditorium made no adjustments. She didn't really care what this seminar was about. She didn't care some of her own classmates whom she'd never talked to or planned to talked to were here. She was here for the sole reason for being here. For living. And she needed to start living, needed to get over him. Because if she didn't start now, didn't pick up that brochure and flung on a battered sweater from the bottom of the dirty hamper, when would she? When would she start living and forgetting the past? The past that she undeniably would give up anything to go back too, for her past, for that one month, was the happiest she had ever been. But she had to stop thinking that way, she had to get back to reality where love wasn't as godly had it seemed when Nicholas Spark's had described it. Justin wasn't coming back for her, Chaz wasn't attending her university, and Ryan would never go back to that eleven year old boy that thought every girl except her had cooties. She was alone. 

"Welcome students," a pudgy man with a microphone stood on the stage, a spotlight on him that didn't flatter his oval eyes and matching oval body. The colossal auditorium was dimmed, only shadows the only recognizable thing. Parvati scrambled to a seat, her hood brushing in front of her eyes sloppily. "Welcome students to the 4th annual seminar for stop drowning and start living.. I'd like to -"

Suddenly the rounded man was interrupted by a short brunette and with a nod of his graying hair and clammy hands, a muscular figure replaced him on the stage. The spotlight was beaming, burning down on his skin at the thought of her possibly being here. She didn't notice at first, not until his husky chords penetrated the microphone. Parvati knew that voice; she fell in love with the person who occupied it.

"Hi.. hello.. I'm Justin. Sorry, guys, for interrupting your seminar but I have something to say. Something important. One month ago I met a girl and we made a bet that if I could stay with her for thirty days then she'd be convinced I was a good guy and if I lost I had to leave her alone forever. I.. I lost the bet.. but I'm sure you guys could see that coming, right? The point is, today, I was on my tour bus, my bags packed and my destination was marked in the GPS. And yet, I didn't feel like it was my real destination. I couldn't go. Not until I stopped here. Because this was my real destination all along, here, with her. Parvati Hope Jones, I could tell you 30 million things I love about you, but I don't think even then you'd believe me. So how about I show you for the rest of our lives how much I truly do, not just for thirty days? You don't have to forgive me. I don't expect you too. I cheated on you. I lost the bet and I have no right to be here at your university.. well.. actually.. I do. Because I just enrolled myself here, at Ryerson University, bought the flat underneath yours, and actually took every class you're in. Because to put this all in point blank: I'm in love with you and I'm a self absorbed idiot that didn't give you the chance to say it back. Well that is - if you still love me. And if you don't, I'm going to spend these next four years trying to force you to love me again. Because I rather die than ever being without you again. So, Parvati, if your out in that audience, tonight, 7 P.M, meet me at Starbucks so I can really explain how sorry I actually am?"

The audience wooed and Justin scantily walked off the stage, exasperated, hands clammy with one thing on his mind — would she be there at 7 P.M? Or was their love expired like the thirty days they shared?

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