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My heart beats for love, it's the sound that I hear, tells me not to give up

My Heart Beats For Love - Miley Cyrus



(Parvati's point of view is now in present time.)

And here I was. Sitting in my flat, Huckleberry cuddling into my side while a book - a thriller - was perched in my hands. I didn't read romances anymore. They gave me false hope in a love that only happened in my dreams. And although I know I drove him to that blonde haired petite girl - I was still horrified.

He wanted me to suffer. He wanted me to feel the rejection when I saw their bodies in bed together. He wanted me to feel everything he had felt the moment I didn't jump on the chance to be with him forever.

The phones lofty beat accelerated the silenced one bedroom flat and my body froze, counting the rings until the answering machine took over.

"Parvati, why can't you just answer the phone? It's been almost a month since the Bahamas, will you just.. just answer my calls? Jay told me everything. Call me back, Parv."

Ryan was desperate. I would only come out of my flat for classes, grocery shopping, and the occasional run I had to do when Huckleberry would sneakily maneuver his way out the door.

And I liked it. I liked being confined, no hunky superstars blocking my way to the bathroom or leaving me in a daze. I liked it. I like being alone.

Or at least that's what I told myself.

"Knock knock! Open the damn door!"

Chaz's husky voice that hadn't changed a bit sought from the other side of the door. It was a two hour long drive from his University to mine, four if there was traffic. A feeling of guilt swelled in my chest when I figured he had drove all the way here.

"What do you want?"

"I have food. Let me in."

Swinging the door open, heaps of food piled into Chaz arms ranging from ice cream to chocolate bars to even a few movies tucked underneath his arm.

"The perfect heartbreak combination. Ice cream, chocolate bars, brownies, cookies, and movies."

Shooting me a goofy smile he trampled into my flat, falling into the sofa, the creaking of springs adjusting to his weight the only sound that mustered the room.

"Did you drive here?"

"I'm in the area,"


He shrugged, ripping open the two bite brownies like a savage.

"Who's going through a heartbreak? Me or you?" I crinkled my nose, gently sliding onto the couch next to him as she shoved three brownies in his mouth.

"Oh hey, I brought you this pamphlet. It's some seminar thing that's going on at your school tomorrow. You should go,"

Fingering the cardboard brochure, it flapped obnoxiously on the table when I threw it. "Is this your attempt at getting me to go outside?"

"Is it working?" He smirked, wiping the brown crumbs from his mouth.

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