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   "I have a confession," Justin semi whispered - his voice murky with somewhat resent lacing into his usual confident husky chords.

I was sprawled out on the bed like sheets, my arms tugging at the headboard whilst I studied Justin's peculiar expression.

He had a flame in his eyes, flecks of hazel floating around in the deep end of the pond that was his deep brown eyes that looked caramel in the light.

"Have you ever felt like something is so right? Like somebody, if they were with you, everything would be alright? Like, like you just look at them and notice every little outline, little refinement on their face. Every birthmark. And it's all perfect. And then after that no other is any good for you. It's just them. That's all you see. Only them. Because you love them so much that no matter what no one could compare. They're beautifully beautiful and perfect and yet imperfect because nobody is relatively perfect but if there was a standard they'd be at it. They're everything you've ever wanted and you'd give up everything for them. What I'm getting at is - I can't pretend anymore. I can't pretend like thirty days is enough. Come with me, on tour, come with me and just be there with me, Parvati. I want you. More than thirty days. I want you forever."

I stared. I stared long and hard, processing each and every word that weezed from his supple red lips. Did my heart jump out of my chest? Did my breathing pick up? Of course. Of course it did. Because I loved him. I had undeniably fallen in love with him.

"F-forever?" I finally squeaked, the only word that properly plagued my mind was that one single word. That seven letter word. And suddenly, the ceiling that looked so white flashed my whole life. My childhood. My parents in rags. Me, being only six, tugging on my jeans that rode up too high on my legs because we were too poor to buy new ones. That was the day I promised I'd get educated - I'd make a living and have everything everyone had made fun of me for not having. I'd go to school and become a lawyer, a CEO of some company nobody scrutinized with because it was the best of the best. What meant going with him would mean losing everything I worked for. Everything I had promised myself. Going with him meant losing my future.

"You.. don't.. want me, do you?" Justin's face was wiped clean of emotion, his fists clenching and then unclenching while the vein in his neck pulsed like a butterfly wing.

My lack of speech made his body tremble; made him assume rejection. And I guess you could say, at that very moment in time with my future perched in my hands, I was rejecting him and the love that I knew I had for him.


"No, don't.. just - stop! I get it, I get it Parvati, okay? You don't want me. You don't need me. I was just your 30 day boyfriend, that was it. Nothing more, nothing less."

He stormed off, his feet padding against the hardwood floors horrendously. The front door slamming.

He was gone.

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