Thirty Days Wasn't Enough

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"Here is the funny part! Are you watching, Justin? Watch! Watch! It's funny!Hahahaha!"

Justin observed her, her bellowing laugh devouring his ear drums in an epiphany of perfection. He noted that Parvati was the talking-throughout-movies-type: and before this he had hated the pompous person who ever had the guts to speak up when he was enjoying a movie. So why was he giddy inside when he heard her warn him of the good parts, the bad, and the funny? 

Because he loved her. He loved her deep blue eyes, her colossal eyelashes that danced on her cheeks for a millisecond when she would blink, and the way her nose crinkled when she let a giggle escape. He loved her. He loved her everything. He loved that she'd rather read a book than be out in a club. He loved that she had a strict morning and night plan. He loved how she was a perfectionist and had a raging case of OCD. He loved her. And instead of enjoying the movie, enjoying her outrageous giggling whenever the guy would talk in a manly tone, he imagined himself being in her morning and night plan where she'd kiss him goodnight and cuddle into his chest. 

"Are you watching? Tell me your watching. This movie is hilarious."

That night, with Ryan and Chaz blurredly watching the movie beside them, half asleep, he decided he couldn't just spend thirty days with her. No, it had to be forever.

Thirty days wasn't enough for him.

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