7:41 P.M

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"Oh my god! Look! Look, Justin! A sunset. Let's sit and watch it, I love sunsets up close."

Parvati's hand met with his, her body barreling down the sandy beach as it poured into her sandals like a tidal wave. Her mind absent to the fact that she intertwined their hands, and kept them woven together, she plopped down onto the warm ground — the tide rising and tickling the tips of her toes.

"It's beautiful," she gaped, squeezing his hand out of instinct. Her long mahogany mane getting caught in the wind made Justin bite down on his lip, lust gargling his flecking hazel eyes.

She was the one that was beautiful, not the sunset that displayed before them. Justin soaked in the image of her hand molding into his, the sight perfect and unforgettable. He had had girlfriends before — he had had kisses before — that was a given. But when she initiated the hand holding, the watching of the sunset, it made Justin happier than any other moment he ever endured with another.

Suddenly, she fell back with her flip flops flying off, her hair flowing out onto the pale brown sand while her eyelids drooped over and a grin plastered against her lips.

"I love watching sunsets. I've never actually been there to watch one. I live in Toronto where you can't even see the moon over the dramatic lights. But I read all these romance books, where the girl and guy watch the sunset, and it's all that it's made out to be. It's just like how they described it."

Justin leaned down and sprawled out next to her, the faint light of the sunset burning into the skin of his legs and face.

"How did they describe it?"

"Like you're in Heaven."

Justin quizzically clenched his eyebrows, grabbing a wad of sand and throwing it over at her where it cascaded down on her stretched body.


"What, get some sand in your mouth, princess?"

Parvati wobbled up, squaring her shoulders and blocking the riveting lights from Justin's sprawled out body, sand pouring out the cracks in her fingers. He quickly scrambled to his feet, standing opposite of her like cowboys at a shoot off. Parvati flung her arm forward, missing his muscled body completely.

"No, no, no! Justin, please, don't!"

Justin ran at her, scooping up her frigid body in his arms while diving into the sand with her clinging to his chest. Sand glued to their bodies, grains seeping through their hair and ending up in their mouths.

"It got in my mouth! Ew! Ew!" 

"It's all over us," he threw his head back, a roar of laughter exploding from him.

"I'm going to wash off," Parvati grumpily mumbled, rolling off of him and skidding down to the shore where she cautiously dipped her feet in. "It's so cold!" 

"Yeah because the sun's going down. Here I'll dip you in the water," Justin rested his hands on either side of her waist, scaling them upwards to her armpits. Lifting her, he gently soaked her feet in the rushing tide, squeals and shrieks drifting from Parvati ever so often.

"Okay the sand's all off my feet, put me down, I feel like a little kid with you holding me up like this." 

"What was the point of washing your feet off if your just going to walk on the sand afterwards? Here, get on my back."

Parvati watched as he turned around, bending his knees. Biting her lip, she bit back a monstrous smile and a school girl cry. Crawling onto his back, he walked her up the shore with ease like she weighed as much as a feather drifting in the tenacious winds. 

"You know, this is what happened in the story, tooThe guy giving her a piggyback to keep her from getting sandy." 

"Is it how they described it?"

She pondered the thought, the smile she fought so hard to contain filing into her lips like a carving in stone. 

"Yeah. Yeah, it's exactly how the author described it."

Leaning her head down riskily, she placed her cheek on his shoulder, shutting her eyes while pleasurable thoughts of Justin and her rummaged through her mind.

On day twenty three, at 7:41 P.M on the beach of the Bahamas, was the moment Parvati Hope Jones fell in love with Justin Drew Bieber.

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