Cinder sighed again, then leaned on my bed. "Ena, Andrew. Wake up, children." She shook my shoulder. "C'mon, we've got stuff to do."

I felt Andrews breath quicken. Then he pulled his arm out from around me, laid on his back and stretched. "What?" He asked, sounding disoriented.

Cinder started talking to me again. "Jeez, Ena, you could sleep through World War three. Get up before the bed engulfs you." She said, more demanding than last time.

"Bite me," I mumbled, my eyes still closed.

Andrew chuckled behind me. "That can be arranged," He said in a quiet voice that only I could hear.

I opened my eyes and blinked at him in an embarrassed surprise. The first words he says to me in the morning is a flirtatious joke. He looked back at me teasingly, fully aware of what he did.

"Uh-huh. Just get out of bed. Ena, I have something to tell you. Find me when you're decent." Cinder said. "Andrew, Ray is looking for you. I suggest getting to your room as soon as possible." She turned to address the whole room. "We're meeting in the gym this morning; your attendance is required." She left the room, closing the door.

Groaning, I turned onto my stomach and buried my face into a pillow. Even though I was awake I didn't want to get out of bed. It was an ongoing struggle.

"C'mon Marbles," Andrew said beside me.

I groaned again and let myself roll out of bed. I didn't even attempt to catch myself like I usually do.

Andrew laughed and then easily stepped over me. "See ya' latter, ladies," He said on his way out, his hair disheveled.

The moment Andrew had closed the door I snapped my head around to look at Indigo. "You let him stay the night?!" I asked her, shocked.

She smiled at me "Yup! Alice thought you would be too embarrassed, but I thought that you would be fine, I mean, you've only been dating him for, what? Three weeks? I figured you could handle it."

I don't know what kind of men Indigo has dated, but I did not think three weeks was enough time to start letting guys in my bed. Not only that but as far as I know, Andrew and I were the first couple to spend the night. There are probably going to be rumors and everyone would think we did "it."

I sighed, I guess Andrew was kind of a special case. We were stuck here together for the next five years of our life. If our dating gets serious and then one dumps the other and the other chooses to try and ruin the others life with rumors, it would back fire.

Besides, Andrew, was, well...Andrew. It was hard to explain.

"A quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and boom, he stayed." Indigo beamed at me.

I sighed. "Whatever. Let's get ready. I want to get this over with as soon as possible."


"Alright, team!" John said, gathering our attention. He had somehow gotten into the habit of calling us 'team.' "There are going to be some curriculum changes due to the pressing time schedule.

"The first thing we decided to eliminate is the possibility of failing our courses, in through that, the possibility of being able to fail them." This received a positive response. "In mine and Martha's class, you will only be taught what you need to know based on your position in D'Etoiles life, which means that courses will now be a lot more individualized.

"In Nathans class, a specific group of people will be learning how to use a sword and an old French revolver. Some might even be allowed to use a rifle. We feel that if we do this correctly, everyone should be adequately prepared to handle themselves while in France."

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