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When I woke up, I was floating in the happy place between sleep and consciousness with every intention of going back to bed. I was too comfortable to forfeit my sleep.

In fact, I was really warm, and I felt incredibly safe nestled in my bed like I was. I had a pillow pulled down around my shoulder and the polyester of my comforter was wadded up behind me while still covering my body.

Ah, the advantages of having a full-sized comforter on a twin sized bed. I thought groggily.

Breathing in deeply, I took my brief moment of consciousness to move my hand out from under my pillow to keep it from falling asleep.

When I moved, so did something else. At first, I figured that it was just the sheets moving with me, but then something snaked its way through the blankets and over my torso.

My eyes shot open as I realized with horror that it wasn't a warm blanket I was feeling behind me. It was a warm body.

I whipped my head around to see who it was. Ohmigosh. Andrew Harrison is in my bed. How did this even happen? I bet it was Indigo. Not that I was complaining, I was just surprised and embarrassed.

The last thing I remembered was falling asleep...with my head on his shoulder...on the couch. That was around noon. What time is it? I strained my neck to look at the clock without waking Andrew to read that it was nine in the morning. I've been asleep for over twelve hours?!

Oh, dear lord. He was so warm.

Maybe I could just fall back asleep and feign innocence when everyone else is up. I thought, trying to come up with the action that would cause me the least amount of embarrassment.

As I was deciding what to do, the door to our room opened and then shut.

I closed my eyes so whoever it was wouldn't know that I was awake.

Soon there was "Unf." Coming from the other side of the room. That was the sound Alice made when someone woke her up. Cinder had come in to wake us up again. She only did this when something important was happening, so even though Alice was a slow waker, I soon could hear her heavy morning footsteps as Indigo mumbled something about five more minutes.

I knew that soon, Cinder would make her way to my side of the room, and Cinder would find two bodies in my bed instead of one.

This was going to be so embarrassing.

"Ena, dear. Wake up. I have some exciting news for you." I felt Cinder lean on my bed with one hand so she could gently shake my shoulder with the other like she usually does.

I felt my skin tingle in expectation of her touch, but it never came. Instead, I heard her mumble "Oh. This would explain why Ray couldn't find him." She sighed and leaned off my bed.

"Indigo, sweetie?" Cinder asked.

"Hmm?" Indigo replied, probably still too drowsy to form coherent words.

"Do you know anything about this?"

"Oh, yeah," Alice said, already perked up. "She's the one who let him stay." My eyes were still closed, but I could tell her voice came from the bathroom.

"Indigo, dear, you have to tell the person's respective mentor before you let this happen." Cinder began. "Ray is throwing a fit because he can't find Andrew."

"Oopsies" Came Indigos almost careless reply. "It won't happen again."

I could practically hear Alice's eye roll.

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