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"一c'mon dude, you gotta get over her."

the young male with the broad shoulders shook the whimpering mess under the navy blue duvet sheets. a lingering odour filled the nostrils of the six boys in the room, making some cough and gag on the repulsive scent. cartons of chocolate milk, and cups of strawberry flavoured ice cream were carelessly thrown on the dirty bed side table, while copies of sappy romance movies laid scattered all over the surface of the previously clean floor.

"jeongguk, are you really going to let some girl do this to you?" jimin questioned, placing his body on the edge of the velvety matress. "but, i-i loved her." muffled cries came from the mess that was called jeongguk. yoongi huffed out of pure annoyance, and pried the bed sheets off of the boy, exposing him to the unfamiliar sunlight that he hadn't seen in days. "look at you! you're a mess." yoongi yelled, and softly slapped jeongguk's foot with his veiny hand.

"just let me slowly die, please." jeongguk pleaded, curling up into a ball and slightly shivering due to the cool breeze circulating his room. "no, jeongguk. you have to move on. she was nothing okay. it's over!" namjoon truthfully said, not in anyway affecting the boy's mood. jeongguk laid there, still curled up in a fetal position, while jimin comfortably caressed his exposed ankle.

"namjoon is right. you need to get over this, jeongguk. let's just put eunji in the past. you've been in your room for the past week, and honestly speaking, it's starting to reek." seokjin waved his hand over his nose, and bent down to pick up a hollow tissue box. "it hurts too much to even move. is that normal?" jeongguk raised his bushy eyebrows at the group. hoseok padded his way over to jeongguk's side, and put a understanding palm over his firm arm.

"listen buddy, i know it's hard for you. but eunji was stupid to leave you. you're a great guy, jeongguk." hoseok radiantly smiled, stating a very accurate fact. jeongguk's rodent shaped teeth grinned softly, feeling a slight blush creep up onto his milky skin. but, as soon as reality punched in again, the grin disappeared like sand in the wind. taehyung rolled his neck several times, causing a miniature amount of  tightness ripple away. he turned his freshly cracked neck to peer outside, getting a clear view of the scenery through the translucent glass window. from his perspective, he could see young children riding their scooters on the sidewalk, while enjoying the dripping fudge bars they had in their moisturized hands.

taehyung dreamily sighed, recalling the memories the seven of them had in the past summers. "would you look at that." he pointed towards the hysterical children playing outside, catching the attention of all of his friends. "it's summer guys, and we're in here, dealing with jeongguk's depressed ass." jeongguk threw a fluffy pillow at the blunt male, resulting in him stumbling back, and almost tripping on the various items on the hardwood floor.

"hey!" jeongguk defended, glaring at the chuckling boy. "it's the truth, dude, can you please stop moping around!" taehyung playfully threw the white pillow back at him, jeongguk being amazingly fast to catch it. "hey, taehyung, you should be more, sympathetic, rather than being bashful. eunji was his first girlfriend." seokjin stated, making taehyung bop his head up and down, obeying the elder.

jeongguk pressed his tongue up against the inside of his rosy cheek, debating whether to move on, or stay in the past. it being his first breakup with the girl he once loved, it was hard for him to emotionally cope with the whirlwind of emotions he was going through. "but, in a way, you guys are correct. maybe i should put it in the past, and forget." jeongguk winced, finding it difficult to say the word, forget.

"little buddy, that won't be so easy." jimin deadpanned, tickling jeongguk's toes, causing the boy to squirm under his grasp. "what are you talking about, jimin?" seokjin wrapped his lengthy arms around his centre chest, and cocked his head to one side. "i mean, first breakups are the epitome of hell, and simply forgetting doesn't come that easy. we need to somehow take his mind off things." jimin announced, having everyone in the room, including jeongguk himself, attentively listen.

"and how do we exactly do that?" yoongi interrogated, making jimin's shoulders rise up and down, clearly at a lost of a reasonable idea. namjoon ruffled a tired hand through his dry hair, noticing everyone's unenthusiastic aura. he heavily sighed, feeling hopeless. at last, he gazed at the window, surveying the front yard portion of jeongguk's colonial house. the neighbouring children happily blew transparent bubbles, and chuckled lightly while doing so. some kids happily enjoyed their fudge bars, even through it was melting in the burning summer heat.

suddenly, namjoon's eyes widened, upon seeing a dark blue minivan parked horizontally on the jeon's driveway. the material of the car shined bright, almost blinding the crescent shaped eyes of the mountain of a boy. his lips immediately turned into a smirk, making his dimples sink into his soft skin even more. "hey, jeongguk."

"yes..?" seeing namjoon with an indescribable smirk dancing across his face alerted the young boy. "your parents are on some business trip for the summer, right?" he quickly asked, hurrying the boy for a response. "uh, yeah." jeongguk's eyebrows furrowed together, and straightened out his posture to sit upright, giving namjoon a somewhat strange amount of attention. "so, they left the family minivan for you?"

jeongguk tilted his head to the side, unsure of all the suspicious questions his friend, namjoon, was bombarding him with. "yes, they left it so i could go to the market to get food..." jeongguk pondered what was currently going through the mind of his friend gloomy friend. namjoon placed a thinking index finger on the tip of his freshly shaved chin, and bit his lip.

"so you're saying you have the keys to that, baby." namjoon questioned, pointing towards the smouldering car in the sunlight. "yeah..." jeongguk was now giving his full attention at the beaming boy in front of him, taking notice of the glistening in his glossy eyes. the rest eyed namjoon as he smiled widely at the car in the driveway.

"boys, pack your bags. we're going on a little adventure tomorrow."

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