Chapter 18

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It was the second day of the Grand Magic Games, and I was seated on what had become my signature seat, the railing beside Mavis. The crowd had already gathered, and was impatient.

Mato finally entered the arena.

"Today's event is a very exciting one! We've decided to bring back Pandemonium! In order to prevent another event similar to Erza Scarlet's outstanding performance last year, we have one thousand monsters! Please choose your wizard!" Mato announced. 

The whole guild smirked at me. 

"Get down there already! Show them what Fairy Tail can do!" Master ordered.

"You got it Master!" I grinned. I leaped off the railing, and landed on my feet. I walked through the tunnel, and met the other competitors in the arena. Orga, Lyon, Eve, and Risley were the only wizards whose names I knew. The ice dragon slayer from Scarlet Dragon was there, as well as a wizard from Sabertooth that I was unfamiliar with. 

"All competitors may choose their numbers." Mato instructed. Orga was second, Lyon was eighth, Risley was sixth, Eve was third, the ice dragon slayer was seventh, and Sabertooth B's wizard was fourth. That means that I'm first. 

I saw Master look relieved. If I hadn't been first, I couldn't have challenged all one thousand. I bet no one knows that I'm doing this. 

"Miss Scarlet, how many monsters will you be challenging?" Mato asked.

"Because my sister challenged the maximum last time, It's only fitting that I should do the same. I will challenge one thousand." I announced.

Mato face palmed, clearly annoyed that I had challenged all of the monsters. The crowd however, gasped. 


Rogue was shocked. A hundred monsters was impressive, but a thousand? Was it even possible?

Milliana stared at her old friend. She knew (Y/N) was an exceptional wizard, but could she pull it off? 

Orga remained expressionless. It was just like Erza last time. How were people impressed by this kid? She probably wont even beat half of them. Old Jura was one thing. everyone knows he's weakening with age. She's not that big of a deal.

~Le your P.O.V~

I wasn't stupid. I knew that Orga wasn't impressed, but I couldn't care less. At most, he would have challenged one hundred. He'd soon see my true power.

I walked across the bridge into the building. When I reached the main room, my challenge began. There was six hundred D-Class monsters, two hundred C-Class, one hundred-fifty B-Class, forty nine A-Class, and one S-Class. Because the point is to kill the monsters, I have decided to use my angel slayer magic. I know that I told Natsu I'd never use it, but I guess I lied.

"I am (Y/N) Scarlet from Fairy Tail, and I will challenge one thousand monsters." I announced. No later than I said that did monsters crawl out of all the crevices. Once I saw all of them, I started. 

I leapt onto a tower in the center of the room, allowing my feathered wings to sprout out of my back. I glanced at the monsters for a split second, and sent a huge yellow burst of light across the building. When the dust faded, only one monster remained.

"This has taken unbelievable to a whole new level! (Y/N) Scarlet has just knocked out nine hundred ninety nine monsters with one blow! All that remains is the S-Class monster, who found shelter in a nearby crevice!" The announcer shouted.

I requipped into my Japanese Cloth armor. Natsu hadn't stopped rambling about Erza's Pandemonium challenge, so I was practically there. Erza defeated the S-Class with her Japanese Cloth armor, so I'll do the same. I used my double katanas, and faced the monster.

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