2 - Surprise

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"Mitchy!" Nel called from the kitchen. Her son bounced down the stairs, his short red dress flowing as he came to a stop in front of her.

"Yeah mom?" He grinned, pushing the garment back down and rubbing out the wrinkles.

"You look lovely!" Nel grinned back.

A light blush formed on Mitch's cheeks and he giggled. "Thanks!"

Mitch had been on testosterone for almost a year since the day he came out to his parents. His voice wasn't getting much deeper but that was fine with him.

He legally had his name, gender and pronouns changed a month after he came out to his friends and was supported by almost all of them.

He lost a few friends but decided that he didn't want to be friends with transphobic people anyways.

Mitch still liked boys so he came out as gay after three months on testosterone and his parents supported him again.

He got his first boyfriend not long after that but they only lasted 3 weeks before Mitch found out that he'd been played. The other boy wasn't even gay and just wanted a new way to make fun of him.

Anyways, Mitch was now fine and only had the occasional encounter with bullying.

"So, your dad and I have a little surprise for you." Nel had a mischievous glint in her eye and Mitch was immediately curious.

"What is it?" He asked without thinking. Everyone knew Mitch wasn't a fan of surprises.

His mom chuckled. "Come and find out," she winked, leading him out to the back yard.

Mitch rolled his eyes as he followed, watching the skirt of his dress twist softly as he walked.

Even though he was a boy, Mitch still wore dresses, makeup and other girly things. His family and friends didn't mind, of course, loving their son regardless.

Outside, Mike was sitting on the patio with a large box in front of him. "What's this?" Mitch asked, eyebrow raised. His parents laughed.

"Open it!" Mike encouraged excitedly. "You're gonna love it!" grinned Nel.

Mitch quickly tore into the package, standing beside his dad. He screamed with excitement when he saw what was inside.

"Thank you thank you!" He chanted, staring down at the VIP tickets he was holding.

His parents had gotten him tickets to see his favourite band. Not only to go to their concert but also to meet them.

Backstage passes to meet Quadritonix. He was going to meet Scott Hoying, his celebity crush. Holy shit, Mitch was freaking out.

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