Adrien x Reader: Under the Cherry Blossoms

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You and Adrien sat underneath a beautiful cherry tree. You two had just started dating and your friends were doing all they could to keep you two together.

Currently, Marinette, Nathaniël, Chloe, Nino, Alya, and Lila were close, behind another tree. Watching you both.

"OKAY!" Marinette yelled, before being shushed by everyone. "Alright, so these strings here are connected to the branches of the cherry trees. We need to pull the branches making the petals fall. It will be more romantic."

Everyone started to pull and shake the tree branches.

You looked at the falling petals with Adrien. "Wow its so pretty." You gushed. Adrien smiled, kissing your cheek. "Not as pretty as you..." he said.

"OH C'MON ADRIEN THAT WAS STUPI-!" Chloe yelled, before being cut by Nathaniël and Lila. "Shut up Chloe they'll hear you!" They hissed.

Suddenly they had tugged too hard and the whole and giant branch came crashing down. "MERDE" Adrien said, pushing you away, him on top before you both got pulverized.

"Oh... fuck" Marinette said. You and Adrien looked at her. They all looked at each other before scurrying off, leaving poor Lila behind. "REALLY!" She hissed before running after them.

You and Adrien chuckled. Adrien then looked at you smiling. As you two leaned in, locking lips.

Sharing a beautiful kiss....

Under the cherry blossoms.


OKAY GUYS THAT WAS MY FIRST MIRACULOUS ONE SHOT!!!!! Tell me what you think in the comments and please vote, comment, and follow. Don't forget to request anything you want. Love ya!


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