Chapter One

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"Are you sure you want to do this, Jann?" Dustin asks me.
"Positive. If you're going to chicken out then just leave but don't tell mom," I say with a bit of frustration.
"No, I want this more than anything." He replies.
We climb into the hole we dug big enough for the both of us. As Dustin begins to pile the dirt on top of us, a smile grows on my face. I can't wait until we run out of oxygen down here so we can die. My brother and I don't live together because our parents are divorced. My brother decided to live with my dad because he was eighteen. But me on the other hand, had to go with my mom because I'm only sixteen. I hate my life. Mother is cruel and there's not a single day that goes by where I don't wish I was dead. Every night, my mom brings home a new man. She barely acknowledges me. I have to find food to eat on my own. Which I think was a great way of learning to be independent. But with issues at home, the bullying at school, and the voices in my head..I couldn't take it anymore. Neither could Dustin. We both decided this was our faith. We buried ourselves in a random backyard in hopes that no one will find us. Eventually we won't be able to breathe and we die. This is everything I have ever wanted.

I left my girlfriend behind but I think I would much rather love dying than to love her. Plus, I was so unhealthy for her. Our relationship was toxic but the love blinded her. She'll move on. I know it.
"Done," My brother explains.
"Great," I respond.
We sit in silence as specks of dirt fall on my shoulder. I can't wait.

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