It won't give up on you

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The little heart I wear on my sleeve
Fell from the stars in the heavens
Down to this earth so broken and cold
Falling alone on it's own
Taken for granite and beaten and bruised
It won't give up on you

I'm giving you this little heart
It won't be cold with you
You've lit the spark in it
Ignited the fire that burns bright
You've given it life and a second chance
It won't give up on you

This heart of mine so little and lost
You've found it in the darkest spot
Guided it back to the light
And let it shine bright through my eyes
These eyes will see your heart for all it is
I won't give up on you

Your little heart so pure and kind
Fighting the dark with all it's might
I want to help it, keep it safe
I want to keep the evil at bay
Little heart of yours doesn't need to worry
I won't give up on it

Your heart will be protected by mine
I will defend it every time
This heart i wear on my sleeve is yours
Bound by the love it holds inside
These two little hearts of ours
They won't give up on us

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