I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder. When I look up, I see Peeta holding two cups, one in each hand. 

"I didn't think either of you would want to leave at the moment, so I got both of you some breakfast," he says, handing me a cup of hot chocolate. I see a bag of food on the table they have for patients. Peeta takes out a box with a cinnamon roll in it, and hands it to me.

"Thank you, Peeta. You know you didn't have to," I say. I open it and start to eat the still warm breakfast.

"Yes I did. If I didn't, then you probably wouldn't eat anything at all. I'm surprised you didn't put up a fight about it," he says with a light laugh. I give him a small smile. I stand up when I finish eating, and walk over to my mother. I shake her shoulder to wake her up.

"Mom. Mom wake up. Peeta got us breakfast, so eat it while it's hot," I tell her. She starts to object, but I stop her. "No, eat it. Peeta spent his money on it, and you are not going to waste it." She gives in and starts sipping her hot chocolate. 

"Really, Katniss, it's okay. I understand if she doesn't want to eat anything," Peeta says.

"No, she's going to eat it. She needs to eat anyway," I say. "So, are you going to hang out here today? There's not much to do here, and I really don't want to just watch her for a long time. I mean, I love her, but it hurts me too much to just watch her like this, knowing I can't do anything to help her. I was just hoping you could at least stay here with me." 

"Yeah, I can stay. What is your mother going to be doing?" Peeta asks. 

"Probably sleep. She didn't get very much sleep last night, so I was going to tell her to go to sleep somewhere," I say.

"Okay," he says. He looks around the room, probably for a chair, but when he doesn't see one, he justs walks over and leans against the wall. I stand up from my chair.

"You can sit there if you want," I say.

"No, I don't want to take your seat. I'm fine standing. Thank you though," he says. I walk over to him and grab his hand. I lead him over to the chair, and push him in it.

"Sit. It's fine. I wanted to get up anyway. That chair is not the most comfortable thing to sleep on, so I'm okay with being out of it for a while," I say.

"So, what are you gonna do? About the talent show, I mean. Do you want me to call Finn, and tell him you can't do it? I know he'll understand, we just need to let them know," Peeta says.

"Well, actually, I was thinking that if Prim was showing any improvement, or just as long as nothing drastic happens, that I would go home, perform, and come back after the show on Friday night. Is that selfish? I love Prim so much, and I want to sing for her and my father. We could even videotape it to show her when she wakes up. I mean if she wakes up," I say the last sentence very quietly. Peeta walks over to me, and wraps me in his embrace. His scent of cinnamon and dill is soothing. I let a few tears drip from my eyes.

"I think she would love that," he whispers in my ear. "How about we go and get her some flowers and a teddy bear? That will be a nice thing for her to wake up to. Don't you think?" Peeta suggests. I pull away from him, and nod, and then he wipes my stray tears from my face with his thumb. He grabs my hand, and leads me out of Prim's room, and over to the elevator.

We ride the elevator down to the first floor of the hospital. We walk to the gift shop. I see a cute little balloon that says "EYE hope you feel better soon!" that is a buggy with BIG eyes. It is so adorable. I decide to get one of those balloons. Peeta finds a stuffed animal puppy dog that has huge eyes, just like on the balloon, and we get that for her too. Now, I want to get her some flowers. I decide on white roses. I get her a single bud in a vase. We pay for the stuff, and head back upstairs to her room. Peeta sits down in the chair, while I set the balloon and flower on the little desk. I set the dog right beside her on her bed. I gently place my hand on her cheek. 

"Please wake up," I whisper, though I know she can't hear me. A tear slips down my cheek. "You can't leave me. I'll have nobody. I need you Primrose. Please wake up." The tears are now flowing in a steady stream down my face. I shrink down to the floor, with my head in my hands. I feel strong arms lift me gently off of the ground. 

"Come here," Peeta whispers. He sits me down on his lap. I lightly cry into his shirt. Peeta rubs my back soothingly, until I eventually fall asleep on his lap.

When I wake, I am in the same position on Peeta's lap. Only now, Peeta is asleep too. I go to get up, when I realize his arms are around me, with my right hand claimed by both of his. I try to carefully reach my left hand into my pocket to grab my phone so I can check the time. My movement makes Peeta begin to stir. His eyes flutter open, and when the blue orbs land on mine, he smiles. I look at my phone and it reads 11:21pm. 

"What time is it?" Peeta asks when he sees me checking the time.

"11:21," I say. He just nods. 

"So, um, Katniss, there's something I need to tell you," Peeta starts, just as my mother begins to wake up. She has been sleeping all day.

"Peeta, you're still here? You should go to your hotel. Sleep in a real bed, son," my mother says to Peeta.

"Yes ma'am," Peeta says. I get off of him, so he can stand up. I walk him to the door, stepping out, and closing it quietly behind me.

"What was it you needed to tell me?" I ask him.

"It's okay, it can wait. I'll tell you tomorrow," Peeta says.

"Alright," I say. Peeta kisses my cheek, and leaves. I walk back in the room, to my chair, and go to sleep.

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