Change (Chapter 1)

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Soul pov.

Something is going to happen today. I can feel it, I have warned all the animals on the island to hide and not to show themselves. I don't trust this feeling something's changing. "Onee-chan!!" I heard someone yell, as I start to turn around I am tackled by Emma, she is one of the tigers that lives on the island. "There you are Onee-chan, I have been looking everywhere for you!" She shouted while quickly getting off me. "Emma stop shouting and I thought I told you to hide." "I know I know, but I needed to tell you something." As she said this she was obviously worried about something, "What's wrong, did something happen?" I asked worriedly after all it's not very often that she's serious. "Me and Caitlin doing our last round of the island when we saw multiple ships heading here!!" I froze, I knew something was going to happen! "Stay hidden, I don't want anyone seeing you or anyone else, got it?" I say going in to my alpha mode, " Yes ma'am!" She said and running off to go hide. *sigh* " Let's get this over with."

I'm sorry this is so short, I plan to make the next chapter longer with hopefully different point of views. If there is anything you don't like about the chapter (other than it is super short) please comment and tell me so I can fix it.

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