Bam-Bam's P.O.V. 1

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"Bam-Bam, get the tray with the deviled eggs and put it out front. Come back and get two bottles of champagne and start filling these flutes up and passing them around" I only nod and get to work as quickly as possible. I hate you, Becky

I don't like doing these over the top parties. I've always told Becky to keep me on kids parties or just on small catering parties where, well, I don't have to deal with a snob rich person. 

I switch the trays and start making my way into the back of the kitchen to the champagne when I bump into someone. 

"Watch where you're going?" a guy says and continues walking without looking back. I hate you, Becky.

"Champagne, champagne, champagne" I mumble under my breath walking over to the bottles and gathering 2 bottles. I fill flutes up and then place them on a tray. I make my way out the double doors and start serving them to the party goers who are drunker than they think. 

"Come with me" I hear before being pulled almost dropping $1,500 champagne from the tray. 

"Where are you taking me?" I ask trying not to drop the flutes.

"Just come with me."

"I'm working, I'm going to get fired" 

"They can't fire you if I'm the birthday boy and the one who hired you. Now, how many flutes, are still there?" He asks when we get to a balcony. I look at my tray and see about 7 flutes full one not so full.

"About 7" 

"That's good. Give me one" I stare at him and debate on my decision. Handing him a drink isn't in my job description for the night and he's more than just tipsy too. 

"Hurry up"

"You take it" 

"I'm paying you for this." 

"No, I'm catering, passing the drink, placing food on trays, refilling really. I don't have to hand you a flute to your hand." He laughs 

"Fine, how much?" 

"How much what?" I ask confuse.

"How much for you to pass them to me and hear me rant?"

"Throwing daddy's money away just like that?" 

"If you want to call it that, then yes. So, how much a flute?" 


"Okay. Here's, 3,000, for being so cute" He says handing me a stack of money. I put it in my pocket and hand him the flute. 

"What do you want to talk about than?" 

"Have you ever felt like you didn't belong. Like, no matter how much you tried to fit in it's a little harder than you think. People around you, are all your friends because of money, parties, money, fame?" I look at him, but more at his slouched figure. He had a mascarade mask on his face, so I didn't know what he looked like, only that he had medium brown hair. I pass him another flute right after the first one. 

"Why the mascarade theme?" 

"Not sure, seemed like a way to kiss and ditch, but have you ever felt like that?" 

"No, I am not rich. I don't party, have no fame, nothing like you do. I have no friends to hang out with if I'm being honest, but I have a cute cat." He laughs at me and asks for another flute. 

"You're actually kind of cute. I bet your cat is just as cute. Your tuxedo is a little tight by the way, but your ass looks nice in it." I roll my eyes and pass him another flute trying to finish them trying to get them done to leave. 

"You should come party with me sometime" 

"You wouldn't be saying that if you were sober"

"I think I would, you're really cute, like really cute" he passes out on the balcony sofa which makes me confused as to what to do next. I look at the tray and see how many more flutes there are and see there's only one more. I gulp it down before fixing the drunk kid on the sofa and getting back to work before getting yelled at.

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