Chapter 11: Clothes and Cats

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~Yuri's P.O.V~

I got a lot of cloths today and we've only been here for like an hour! At Adidas I got really cool shoes that are iridescent and change color and there super amazing wow. I also got this shirt with this little Adidas logo on it and a sweatshirt. Then we went to this place called American Eagle or something like that and I got some more shirts their. We went to a couple other stores and I got some skinny jeans and shorts and some more shorts and sweatshirts and even a crop Top that matches Beka's!
He doesn't know I bought it though oops...
Anyway, were walking around still just cuase we can I guess and Beka is looking for this place called Lush I think.
After a while we found it and as soon as I walked in I was surrounded by people asking me if they wanted me to try a bunch of different products. I got really over whelmed so I just kind of awkwardly hid behind Beka as he told them that we were fine. Anyway I got this shampoo that smelled of watermelon and a bath bomb with a bunch of glitter in it! I also got this rose conditioner for my hair since it was pretty long and I want to keep it like this and make it shiny and cool.

Time skip brought to you by the fact that bees dance to communicate~

~Otabeks P.O.V~
Me and yura have now been here for almost 5 hours, probably more, so now we're just going into random stores for no reason.
Yura almost fell over when he saw this cat adoption center.
"Oh cool lets go in"
" YES YES YES YES" Yura, even thought he is now 17 is still a child.
I chuckled and we entered the store. The had at least 50 cats of all diffrent breads and colors. Right away Yura went to the fluffiest cat that was full grown now with a white body and black feet, face, and tail.
"LOOK BEKA, LOOK AT THIS ONE" Yura screamed as the employee glared and shushed us.
"Aww it's very cute"

Next thing I knew we were home with a cat and about 27 bags of cloths and cat supplies. How did we manage to bring all of this home on one motorcycle?? The answer alludes me. But somehow we did.
Everything was calm. Me and Yura were laying on the floor with the cat. Yura decided to name her Puma Tiger scorpion. I'm not sure why but whatever I'm fine with it.
This moment was perfect. Then I realized that I had parents. Who hate animals. And who don't like it when I have people over. Shit. Well there almost nothing I can do about it now and I guess I can move out or just like they'll have to suck it up and deal.
Things are going to go south away from my current paradise when my mother and Father return from there little 2 week vacation.

WhAt Is Up My DoODS!???1?? I'm her in great and my birthday is tomorrow !!!  My mental health is at an all time low and is getting lower every second but that doesn't matter now does it GREAT!!

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