Louis's P.O.V

Poor Harry. The guys been depressed for the majority of the past day--it's his birthday today and he hasn't come out yet.

"Harry?" I ask, knocking on his door. "Mate, you gotta come out at some point." There's no answer. I'm starting to actually get worried. I open the door and slide in. The thing I see lying in bed and staring up at the ceiling is not a human being, let alone the Harry I know. I pick a pillow up off the floor and chuck it at him.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?" Harry shouts.

"Get your arse off of your bed and go get dressed. We have things to do today," I tell him, ignoring the bratty tone in his voice.

"No," Harry pouts. "I'm not moving."

"Come on, mate. Clara's doing better than you. And she's a mess," I tell him. "Her dad's dying and she just went through a breakup with you and she's not lying in her bed looking all depressed like. She's at the hospital, visiting her dad. You have it better than her--trust me."

"I know, but I just don't know what to do. I never realized how much I relied on her but now I feel like I can't do anything without her," Harry mopes. Oh, God. He's worse than I thought.

"Get up," I roll my eyes. "Don't be that cheesy boyfriend who gets really depressed after they break up. Be the super cool and amazing boyfriend who tries to ge the girl back. You can't give up so easily."

"It's like 'Half a Heart' is playing itself out in real life," Harry's face scrunches up as he prepares to cry.

"No, no, no, no, no. I am not going to let you cry right now. It's been over a day. I know that seems like a short amount of time, but it's high time that you do something without her. I'm positive that you'll be reunited soon enough, but until then you have to take advantage of your time apart to develope some independence," I advise my best mate. 

"What if you're wrong?" Harry moans. "What if she never comes back?"

"Then we'll go and get her," I tell him ruthlessly.

"Fine," he groans as if getting up is the worst thing that's ever happened in the world.

He finally stands up and I scrunch my nose at his unruly appearance. His hair is absolutely horrible and way too long for anyone's liking. He walks to the closet and I sneak out right as he's about to get dressed.

"Did you get him out of bed?" El asks me.

"Yeah, love. He's getting dressed. We seriously need to get him a haircut, though. Can we get Lou to come over today to cut it?" I ask Eleanor.

"No, she's in LA, remember? We'll have to get him to a barber," she tells me.

"Oh, lord," I sigh. "Please, God, don't let us get trampled by fans."

El giggles and presses her lips to mine. The door clicks open and I pull away quickly.

"What are we doing?" Harry asks.

"You're getting a haicut," I tell him. The look of horror on his face cracks me up. This'll be interesting.

Clara's P.O.V

"How much longer does he have?" I whisper.

"We aren't sure. Ever since last night...He's so unstable. But at this rate, he'll have two weeks at best," the nurse tells me. "I'm so sorry, miss."

"What happened, exactly?" I ask.

"It seems like he's had an overwhelming consumption of fructose in the past few months and it's sped up the process a lot more than we originally thought," she explains.

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