101: Texts

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Shawn: Claudia, please don't do this

Claudia: do what? Tell your fans how much of a dick you are?

Shawn: I told you, we didn't do anything

Claudia: then why did I see her kissing your neck?

Shawn: she started to and I tried to push her off. We were just writing, nothing else

Claudia: shawn, why were you writing with hailee if you weren't even going to release the song?

Shawn: I don't know

Claudia: you blew me off for her

Shawn: I know and I'm sorry

Claudia: see shawn, that's all you say. Sorry isn't going to cut it this time

Shawn: you know that I would never cheat on you


Shawn: Claudia, I didn't do anything with her.

Claudia: I'm going to go ask her

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