Even Better

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It’d been months since our little group had been run off the farm. You could tell not just by the warmer weather, but Lori’s baby bump was huge. It was pretty clear that any day could be the day and tensions were running high to try and find a safe place to deliver the baby.

Daryl and I were still doing well. Not much has changed there. Any time we went hunting, we’d have a little make out session, nothing too crazy. I liked going off with Daryl to hunt, not just because I like, dare I say love, him but because no one talked in camp anymore. Everyone was on edge. And everyone knew about us, even though we never said anything. I’m not exactly sure what we are though. We’ve never brought it up. But I don’t really see a point in it seeing as it’s the freaking apocalypse!

We finally found a house that looked like it could hold us for the night. Rick, T-Dog, Carl, Daryl, Riley and I were going in to make sure it was clear before the others came in. Riley and Carl have grown closer during these last few months and they were both good shots so I didn’t have a problem with them coming with us.

Rick kicked open the door and shot the first walker closely followed by T-Dog who stabbed another. Daryl walked in with his crossbow at the ready and I followed, pulling my knife from my boot where I now kept it. Riley and Carl came in after us. I split off from Daryl going into the kitchen. Carl and Riley were right behind me. I motioned for them to take one side while I took the other. I found what looked like a pantry. Everything in it had already been cleaned out. I sighed and hoped there was food somewhere else in the house. I noticed a door at the end of the pantry and quickly walked towards it, hesitating before ripping it open and ready to plunge my knife into a walkers head. Good thing I didn’t because Daryl was on the other side ready to shoot. We lowered our weapons. “Clear this way,” I whispered.

“Same here,” He said. I nodded. He looked behind him for a second before he motioned me to follow him. I followed him towards some stairs where we met up with T-Dog. Daryl went up first, closely followed by me then T-Dog.

There were three rooms upstairs and we each took one. I opened the door to one room and quickly stepped in looking all around for a hidden walker. There was no one in there and I began looking at the room itself. It was a bedroom with a small bed in the corner and a dresser on the opposite side of the room. There was also a large bookcase, but all the books and other contents of the room had been scattered about. Exiting the room after finding nothing of real importance, I was met up again with T-Dog and Daryl both having cleared their respective rooms. I scrunched up my face in disgust as I saw Daryl plucking the feathers off an owl as we made our way down the stairs.

Rick whistled, signaling the others to come in, as Glenn and Maggie dragged the two walkers we’d killed upon entry out of the way. Everyone gathered in what looked like the living room. I sat next to Daryl on an old chair as he still continued to pluck the feathers off the owl. I rolled my eyes and looked up as Carl and Riley walked in. Riley made his way towards me and shook his head indicating they hadn’t found anything. I sighed but patted the spot next to me for him to sit and I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. I began watching Carl who sat down two cans and grabbed a can opener. ‘I thought they didn’t find anything,’ I thought as I looked on in confusion. But I quickly understood what Carl had found as he turned the can and saw a dog on it. I felt sorry for the child. He was desperately hungry, just like the rest of us, and was willing to eat anything.

Rick who’d been brought out his thoughts as he stared out the window turned at the sound. I watched as he walked up to his son and picked up the can, staring at before he turned and threw it in the fireplace. I jumped slightly at the sound causing Daryl to glance over at me quickly and then back to Rick.

Before anything else could be done, T-Dog got our attention and pointed towards the window were we could see walkers heading our way. We quickly gathered our things and dashed out the back door. Daryl first followed by Riley and me, the others right behind us. I opened the car door and made sure Riley got in before I ran after Daryl and jumped on the motorcycle behind him. He started it up and we were gone. I looked behind us to make sure everyone was still there and sighed in relief and laid my head on Daryl’s back wondering if we ever were going to find a safe place.

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