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Your eyes absentmindedly wondered around the cafe you where at, doodling some flowers or items you saw, but one person caught your eye; as creepy as it may seem, she was just so gorgeous you had* to draw her.

You somehow managed to draw her, without getting caught, but she did look over in your direction a few times.


"What the hell? Is the person behind me staring at me or something?"

Keran asked the others, looking towards you out of the corner of her eye.

"That's it..."

she sighed, standing up before the others could respond to her question.

"What's your deal, why are you staring--"

She quickly became more shy and speechless when she noticed the drawing of her that you did.

Then she noticed you.

That one kid.

Yes, the same person who, a few years ago, in school,

Walked up to her, and just said

"My friend bet me 135Y, that I wouldn't walk upto a random upperclassman and ask them to the dance, and I'm about to be 135 Yuan richer, and no, that doesn't invalidate the question, you're actually really cute."

"Oh. That's where I remember you from."

Keran smirked to herself, after seeing your red blushing face.

She then sat down in the seat opposite yours and told you

"Just so you know, I would of said yes, but you walked away before I could answer."

she paused for a moment, then proceeded to slide your sketchbook in front of her;

Oh no.

Thankfully, she only looked at the drawing of herself, before taking your pen and writing something beside it.


You heard her friends calling over to her.


You called after her, as she left but she didn't hear.

You where so embarrassed, even you'd forgotten about the school was awhile ago anyway.

but then you looked at what she wrote.

" 我们应该在某个时候进行环聊。打给我:"

{ we should hang out at some point. Call me: }

followed by her phone number.



135Yuan = $20 / £15 / 17 euro (approx)


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