Chapter 3

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Fenrir soared up into the sky, did a lazy circle high above the volcano, and then headed for an island to the west.

My dragon, the insane beast, cooed at his masterfulness.


She rolled her eyes at me and squirmed happily, purring.

I wriggled in his grasp as he dove through a cloud. Water droplets exploded in a shower of mist, coating me with a fine layer of ice cold wet.

"Hey! Some of us aren't as well insulated as you are," I sputtered.

"My apologies, little one," he rumbled back, with a note of genuine dismay. "We're almost there. I'll warm you up once we land."

There? Where was there? And what was there? And was it just me, or did that offer to warm me up sound suggestive as fuck?

The wanton one purred harder. She was totally down for being warmed up. With his tongue. Or his cock. Or both.

I closed my eyes and moaned as images seared through my mind, courtesy of my lust-struck dragon. Fuck was right. It was probably precisely what he had on his brain. It certainly was on mine.

He angled his descent so we were aimed at a dark hole in one of the cliffs.

Aww naaw... don't tell me, we were going to go native.

The damn beast laughed at me and I snapped my teeth at her.

She sniffed and continued to wallow in his scent.

I wasn't precious about most things, but I really wasn't fond of caves. The only good thing anyone could say about them was that they stayed cool in summer. Otherwise, they tended to be damp, cold, dark, and most importantly - running wires for internet and electricity and indoor plumbing was an incredible pain. What could I say? Dragon I may be, but a girl had to have her internet and her creature comforts. After all, the point of amassing wealth was so that it could be used for comfort.

She snorted, the sound somehow sarcastic.

Like you're so normal? Feathered one.

She flipped the feathered tuft of her tail at me in clear dismissal.

Fenrir cupped his wings and flapped them twice just as we approached the opening of the cave and gently came to rest on a convenient ledge. He lifted me closer to his snout and breathed a soft huff of air over me. Warmth rolled over me, along with the scent of cloves and sandalwood. No morning breath, thank the Fates.

Ugh. Just the thought of dealing with decades, maybe even hundreds of years of built up bacteria breath made me want to take a bath.

He huffed again, and I almost luxuriated into it the second time. But no. I wasn't going to roll over and present him with my belly just because he'd warmed me after dragging me through a bank of clouds.

You could roll over and present him with something else.

Not helping! I snapped.


The confirmation hit me like a blow.

Shit. I thought I had more time.


You're not helping, you know that?

Mate, she repeated, more firmly. Our mate. Must claim. Strong. Tasty magic. Virile.

Yeah. That last part would be the problem.

He will provide.

She bopped me on the nose with her tail.

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