role of demand and supply

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Cau4: the role of the supply and demand

- demand is the quantity of the goods buyers willing and wish to puschase at alternative price in a give time period

- supply is the quantity of the goods sellers willing and wish to sell ............

- the role of supply and demand

+ supply and demand play important role in regulating market by price ,because it makes equilibrium price the market ,it is the price whick make sure that quantity people want to buy is the same as the quantity people want to sell

+ supply and demand tell us about posisble price will actualy exsit in the market in agive time period

+ supply and demand reflect the ability of the production ,business and comsumption .when supply incsrease ,it mean that the production and business develop ,and when demand decrease ,it mean that consumption rises and people are richer if there are no supply and demand ,there will no market and how can develop production and consumption .it means no economic growth .so supply and demand play an impotant role in a modern economy

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