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004. ❛ lab partners.

FELICIA NEVER GOT SO NERVOUS WHEN SHE'D SWITCH SCHOOLS, FOR THE REASON BEING THAT SHE GOT A NEW START WHERE NOBODY KNEW OF HER TRAGIC FAMILY HISTORY OR BEING KNOWN AS A WEIRD GIRL. She got a clean state to be someone completely new, someone with more friends or being known for her brains more than her surname. There was such a time where people knew of only the good that she possessed, not the dark interior of her past. However, this time around Felicia couldn't escape or start over because everyone knew exactly who she was and affiliated with; there was no running.

As the room numbers started to increase and the chemistry classroom was coming into their sight, hesitation ran through her veins. With each step down the hallway, it was almost like her converse shoes would freeze to the ground keeping her stuck. She tried to ease herself with exhaling and inhaling to calm her nerves, but to no avail. Felicia stopped in her tracks and wished that time would freeze, so that she wouldn't have to step inside the classroom and feel the wave of rejection or harassment. For once, she wanted to feel like she belonged.

Not to be judged by her appearance or surname, but because of the intelligence that she had.

Gwen turned around to face the daydreaming Felicia in mid-hallway, "Are you alright, Felicia?" The touch of Gwen's hand resting on her shoulder snapped Felicia to reality; she shook her head slightly and with a quick blinks of her eyes, looked back to the caring blonde girl.

Smiling brightly at her, Felicia felt different about Gwen. In comparison to the other people that showed her around the school in the past. Some that wouldn't even make eye contact with her while walking her to her new classroom, or others who clearly showed no effort at all to explain to her how to get to where she needed to go.

But not Gwen.

Being shown around the school by her was the most welcoming that she had felt by any school. Gwen genuinely cared about her and made her feel important, and all in the span of ten minutes. Something just told Felicia that she'd be sticking around this school and to her new and only friend at Midtown High School.

"Can I say that I'm scared going in?" Felicia admitted softly to Gwen. "It's just that not a lot of people are exactly kind to me or my family these past couple of months. And well I'm just—"

"Afraid." Gwen finished the sentence for her and grabbed Felicia's hands. "I know how scary this can all be. New school, no friends, and nobody really knows you."

"Correction, everyone knows who I am. I'm the daughter of Walter Hardy, there's no escaping that." Felicia looked down in pity of herself that she wasn't ever going to be seen as anything but that.

"You don't know that." Gwen asserted to her. "I didn't know that. Felicia, it's alright to be scared. Just know that I'm right behind you."

Felicia smiled brightly at Gwen before taking a deep breath, placing her hand on the handle of the door. "Is this the start of a friendship?"

"I know it is, and trust me you haven't even met my friends yet." Gwen smirked before lightly pushing Felicia to open the door to Mr. Gordon's chemistry class, who was in the middle of asking a question.

The tall and bald man that seemed to be in his late twenties greeted her with a smile that shone brighter than the sun, "You must be Felicia. We've been expecting you."

She stood at the front nodding along to what the teacher was saying, and watched the students that couldn't take their eyes off of her. Of course, Felicia could hear the small whispers of some individuals that related to her. But she remembered that she had to show them that she was more than what they thought, and she was going to prove them wrong.

"I'm Mr. Gordon, and you can just hop right into a seat." He instructed her, and Felicia's first instinct was to find where Gwen was seated to be next to her only friend at the moment. But her face showed clear disappointment when she saw that she had a partner who was of a little tannish skin tone, who was eyeing Felicia as she looked around the classroom. Her eyes landed on a couple of individuals in the class, including a redhead, a boy who looked attractive in her eyes, and a girl of asian descent.

"It seems like almost all our seats are taken," Gordon said while trying to look around to find an empty seat to house Felicia and when she heard an exclaim from his mouth, she could only suspect that he found her a seat. "There's an empty seat next to Peter."

The name that he said gave no guidance to her as to where she needed to sit, until he gave more clearer information to help her as he turned to erase the stuff on the board. "Peter, can you please raise your hand?"

No hand shot up as Felicia started to carefully walk down the big space in the middle to her chair. As she made her way, she could definitely feel that eyes were on her as she passed them. But Felicia shrugged it off because she knew that once she sat down, all the eyes would be focused on the teacher once again.

Once she nearly got to end, she could see the same boy that she eyed before sitting in the last row. Felicia saw that there was an empty seat in front of him, and cautiously took her seat on the stool before turning her attention once to the teacher, who was still writing on the board. She turned to see her lab partner that Gordon called Peter. Needless to say that she found out why, he didn't raise his hand. A computer was in front of him watching a video. Although she couldn't see the content, she could tell that Peter was very much entertained by it.

Felicia subtly cleared her throat directed toward Peter, who fumbled his earphones out and turned to see her. Seeing her slightly confused him, as his mind was trying to make the connection of how she appeared next to him. He had a hoodie on with a t-shirt on which read a pretty terrible science pun with his hair parted neatly one way.

"I'm Felicia Hardy, and I guess I'm you're new lab partner." She said after looking at each other for too long.

He registered the information before getting flustered, "Hardy?"

She rolled her eyes as she realized that she got stuck with a partner that already had decided feelings about her. "Yes, Hardy. As in daughter of Walter Hardy."

"Oh no, I didn't mean it like that." Peter apologized fumbling on his own words. "I just thought that you were like related to Tom Hardy is all."

Felicia smiled on the inside as she had never gotten that comparison before in her life, and felt that she had judged him too quickly. "Well, I'm not related to him. But thank you for that, Peter..."


Felicia nodded before returning to her notebook and jotting down the notes on the board, repeating the name fully, "Peter Parker."


Although they've only said a couple words to each other, but that's okay!
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