I woke up with strokes of the warm sunlight. I stretched out feeling sore everywhere but especially there. A smile took place on my lips when I remember what happened last night. I turned rubbing my neck to see Jett. But he wasn't there.

My heart broke a I looked around the room for any sign of him. I searched if he left a note or something but there wasn't anything. Not even his clothes. My eyes prickled with tears as I sat in the middle of my bed.

How stupid could I have been? Of course he only wanted me for that. I mean why else would he stay for. I'm nothing special.

I grabbed my stuff and put it on with my robe and went running towards the room my brother is staying at.

I knocked rapidly on Ace's door until he opened the door.

"Oh hey, where's the fir..." he trailed of when hr saw my face. "What happened?"

I hugged him and began crying even more. I faintly felt us moving into the room and heard the door shut.

"He left." I cried even harder. "He left after I gave him everything."

"That son of a bitch! I will kill him!" he said angrily.

"No. I just want to go home." I whispered.

"Ok let me just get yo some proper clothes." he told me.

After I changed we went down on the elevator and head to Ace's car. When I turned around I saw Jett and girl. They were talking next thing you know the girl leaned in to kiss him.

My heart broke even more but I didn't get to see anything else because Ace was pushing me into the car.


I heard the pleas of Jett coming from outside my room, begging me to let him in. He has been at it for about an hour now. He has texted me and called me non-stop after we left.

"Please Rosy let me explain." he pleaded again.

Ellie started to squirm in my arms when he heard his voice. Her green eyes opening little by little.

"Go away." I said back.


I had enough with all his pleas.Doesn't he see how he is breaking me?

I finally decide to let him in. Not being able to take anymore pain.

I opened the door and there he was. Standing in the same clothes he had yesterday his eye full of sadness and regret. I walked over to my bed with Ellie in my arms.

"I know what you saw and it wasn't what it looked like."

"Oh please. I wake up after I had just given you my virginity and then when I see you, your swapping spit with a whore." I say back without energy.

"No princess it wasn't like that. I woke up and you were still asleep so I decided to get us breakfast. Then when I was coming back this girl stopped me and started to ask me for directions. I gave her the direction then she kissed me. I was in shock for a couple of seconds but when  I saw your eyes. I pushed her away and told her I had a girlfriend. She said she was sorry and that she didn't know. She even told me herself that she could apologize to you." he finally finished.

I looked into his eyes and saw sincerity and hope. I sighed knowing that he was saying the truth but I was a still hurt.

"I believe you but I'm still hurt." I told him.

"I know princess but please take me back. I will make it up to you. I would be devastated if I can never see my two girls again." he said

My eyes widen and said, "Two girls?"

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