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You want me?

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Onika Maraj

I know it's not right, but my pussy was throbbing for her. It was aching for her touch.

"You want me?" She says straddling me.

Beyoncé was married to Jay-Z but she was clearly all over me at the moment. We had just finished feeling myself and she was in the dressing room with me.

I shook my head because I didn't want to be in trouble.

She laughed and got up. Her body was nice and sexy. I gulped and squeezed my legs to get rid of the throbbing but it wouldn't stop.

"Y-You should get back to j-" I stopped when she started taking off her bra.

It fell to the floor revealing her nice pink breast. They were bigger than they seemed.

My breathing started to pick up and I closed my eyes. It was getting hot in here. I started to sweat, feeling my panties get soaked even more.

I heard Beyoncé clear her throat and I opened my eyes to see her completely naked. She bit her lip and eyed me.

"You want me?" She asks.

I nod my head quickly and before I could touch myself she put my arms above my head.

"Don't.I touch you only. You don't get to touch me until I make you cum. Understood?"

"Yes." I breathe out.

"Yes, what?" She asks.


She motions for me to stand up, I stood up slowly only for her to turn me around and pull my panties down roughly. My ass jiggled at a light touch. She slapped it really hard making me whimper.

Beyoncé pulls my head making my me lean back onto her chest. I'm short I know.

"Mm..nicki.Who knew you could look so innocent while being so dirty. When I saw you, you know, feeling on yourself." She pauses and laughs.

I grit my teeth because she pinched my now uncovered nipples.

"I thought you were so sexy. I wonder what you look like when you're actually being pleasured. Tell me. Tell me you want me. If you don't, I'll walk out and never speak to you again. You don't want me to ignore you, do you?" I shook my head quickly and tried to get out of her grasp.

She pushed me on the couch and I landed on my stomach. She got on top of me and I felt her minty breath on my neck.

"I-I want you so bad Yoncé. Please, Please can I have you?" I begged.

"It's good to know. Now, be a good girl and give yoncé a kiss."

"You want me, I walk down the hallway. You're lucky, the bedrooms my runway. Slap me! I'm pinned to the doorway, kiss, bite, foreplay." ~haunted *Beyoncé*


I thought I did well.

Excuse mistakes, please.

These are only Beyoncé one-shots.

That's why it's called one-shots with yoncé

Y'all like this?

Should I keep?


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