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"MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MOMMY DADDY WAKE UP IT'S CHRISTMAS!" Jongup had ran into his parents room at the crack of dawn. He was too excited to stay in bed any longer! He had woken up Himchan earlier but he fell back asleep and Jongup decided to let him sleep in a little more. "COME ON GUYS YOU CANT SLEEP IN ON CHRISTMAS! WE GOTTA SEE WHAT SANTA GOT US!" Jongup continued to jump on the bed and shake his parents. His mother and father were smiling at their child's excitement while Jongup continued to try and drag them out of bed.


"That was fun. I'd never gotten presents for Christmas before!" Himchan was wadding up the ripped wrapping paper and throwing it to Jongup whilst he did the same to Himchan. Laughter filled the room.

"Himchan, sweetie. You have one more present to open." Himchan looked at Mrs. Moon, confused.

"But I thought I got 'em all?" Himchan crawled over to the tree and double checked underneath to make sure he didn't miss any. He was right.

"Oh this isn't from Santa, sweetie. It's from Mr. Moon and I." Mr. Moon walked over to Himchan and crouched to his level. He proceeded to take out the folder that was hidden behind his back. Himchan tilted his head.

"What's that?"

"Open it and find out, buddy!" Himchan grabbed the folder and opened it carefully. He slid out a bundle of paper that was paper clipped together and held it. His eyes widened when he read the words.


"I-I can stay?" Himchan and Jongup looked at each other and screamed in excitement. They hugged each other tightly and Himchan started to tear up. Jongup pulled back and held Himchan's face and wiped the tears that fell soon after.

"Channie, why are you crying?" Himchan sniffed and smiled showing his little overbite.

"I'm just happy to be loved."

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