Tagged (again)

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1. Do you like someone?- Yes

2. What's your favorite anime?- None, I don't really watch any.

3. What's your favorite TV show?- That's a hard one, I watch a ton of TV and I only watch TV that's good soooooo, I don't know, sorry.

4. How old are you?- At the time that I'm posting this, 14.

5. When's your birthday?- I can't tell you that. To many people trying to figure that out and this would be a written confession!!

6. Favorite boy band?- None, I don't pay close enough attention.

7. Favorite Wattpad account?- Well, I really only read one person's account, the other's are friends and they don't update so, I'd say dragon_racers_.

8. One of your books with the most views?- I only have one book sooooo, this one. 

9. One of your books with the least views?- Same answer as #8.

10. Taken or single?- Single

11. Best friends/ tag them.- To be clear here, I don't have and/or believe in best friends but I do have a few on here soooo, dragon_racers_, SethWitkowski, DerkAndersen, tombig, Crazilydarke, and CodySkywalker.

12. Does your crush like you?- I haven't got the slightest clue.

13. How many siblings?- One, younger sister.

14. Mom or dad?- I don't really get this, I assume it's asking if my parents are divorced or not so no, my parents are still together.

15. Whose your crush?- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha........ yeah, no, sorry guys but there's no way I'm telling on here.

16. Favorite animal?- Panther

17. Spirit animal- To be honest, I don't really know what these are supposed to be even though everyone always talks about them so, unknown?

18. Favorite color?- A pure purple.

19. Favorite song- Run boy run by Woodkid

20. Last song you heard- Ummmm, whatever was last on 94.1 on the radio.


Hey everyone, so, I hope you learned a little bit about me and if not, tag me and I'll make another answering your questions. I was tagged by dragon_racers_ in their new tag book. I hope your summer's been great! Apparently we only have like 4 weeks left or something, I don't really know but make sure to have fun!!! And here is where I think I'm supposed to tag people so, same one's as above but I'll give their names again. I tag SethWitkowski, tombig, DerkAndersen, Crazilydarke, and CodySkywalker. Until next time, see ya!!!!!

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