Chapter 8

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Everyone, even the Grievers stopped, making no movements. A pole came up through the Grievers back, making it screech, and it fell to the side. Laina stood up, clutching her arm, which had been bent out of place when it fell on her. Everyone snapped out of it, fighting the Grievers again, while Ava ran over, bringing her into the little hole.

"This is gonna hurt, okay?" Ava said, grabbing her arm. "On five. One, two.." She quickly snapped the bone back into place, causing Laina to scream out a bit.

"Keep holding!" Thomas yelled, pushing with all his might. Laina looked at the key as it turned green.

"The door opened!" Someone yelled. Everyone turned, before hearing doors slam shut.

Two doors came down, hitting two Grievers, killing them. When the third Griever tried running towards them, Thomas threw the pole, hitting it, making it hiss out. The last wall fell, squishing the Griever.

The big circle closed, making a few boys scream but Thomas had a hold of Laina, and Newt had a hold of Ava. Another door opened, showing them a lightened hallway.

Laina pushed the door open, going through, and looking around. To her right, the hallway was dark . Lights started turning on making them all turn around.

Laina actually got a good look at the people left. All were sweating, and dirt, and scratches covered their faces. Laina started walking to the right, hearing footsteps behind her.

They stopped at a door, where a green light was at, and a small exit sign was. Thomas walked forward, hesitantly putting his hand on the knob, and turning it, letting the door drip open.

Inside, four people dead, two in white coats. Thomas walked forward, Laina close behind. The man on the left was slouched against the wall, a blood wound in his lab coat visible.

Laina looked to the right, seeing a glass wall. Inside, three bodies lay, two covered and the third on the ground. Laina immediately recognized him. This was her brother.

"What happened here?" Winston asked, looking at the dead children. Minho kicked a gun a bit, looking up.

Thomas walked forward, leading the people in. Laina stayed back, going to actually make sure they were dead. She put her hand on the nurses neck, feeling a faint beat. Her eyes widened. They weren't dead.

The nurse grabbed her arm, bringing her closer. "Trial one is complete, onto trail two." 

Laina struggled against her grip, only making her grip it tighter. Laina felt tears sting her eyes. A gunshot went off, making Laina jump, scared.

Thomas didn't hear it. In fact, none of them did. He was too focused on the red button. He pushed it, looking at the screen.

The lady in the corner, also known as Ava Paige, showed on the screen, what looked like a war starting behind her.

"Hello. My name is Ava Paige. I'm Director of Operations of the World Catastrophe Killzone Department." She said, getting the attention of the boys making them walk up to the small group. "If your watching this, it means you successfully completed the maze trials. I wish I could be there in person to congratulate you, but circumstances seem to have prevented it.I'm sure by now, you must be very confused, angry, frightened.  I can only assure you that everything that's happened to you, everything we've done to you, it was all done for a reason."

"You won't remember, but the sun has scorched our world. Billions of lives, lost to fire, famine, suffering on a global scale. The fallout was unimaginable. What came after was worse."  Pictures came up on the screen, some making Ava turn away. "We called it, the Flare. A deadly virus that attacks the brain. It is violent, unpredictable, incurable. Or so we thought. In time, a new generation emerged that could survive the virus."

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