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All I have to really say is a lot of shit happened and it was very hard for me to updated. Life, I graduated from high school (barely), death.

Oh and basically I lost all of my planning and files. (Laptop broke x2)

Anyway instead of giving excuses, here's a chapter I whipped

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“I seriously can’t believe you actually sliced his hair off with a ninja star!” Harry laughed out loud. The pair were leaving the café with huge grins and caffeine in their systems. They decided to just walk around the city for a while to kill time and just talk. Surprisingly, Harry liked talking to Louis too much for him to just leave so soon.

“It wasn’t intentional.” Louis chuckled. “I mean it was but it was just to scare him!”

“But over Orlando Bloom? I mean, come on. Will Turner’s not nearly as hot as Jack Sparrow.”

Louis gasped. “How dare you? They’re not even comparable. I mean would you rather go for Sparrow, at drunken pirate or Will Turner the sexy blacksmith?”

“Sparrow, of course. He’s basically unstoppable- seriously, how many times did he cheat death?” Harry asked rhetorically. “Exactly. Will Turner on the other hand is only capable of swinging a sword and losing his girlfriend a bazillion times. That’s not boyfriend material, honey.” Harry joked though Louis looked quite offended at his statement.

“Not boyfriend material, Harry? Are you shitting me?” He glared at him playfully. “I suddenly lost all respect for you.”

Harry laughed but Louis didn’t follow. Instead he walked expressionless paying no attention to Harry.

Harry poked him in the cheek to stir is emotions, still nothing.

“Come on Lou, you can’t be serious. It’s my personal opinion.” Louis continued to say nothing he even started looking at anything other than Harry as if he were not paying attention. It was starting to irk Harry.

“Come on Louis, talk to me, pleeeease.” He whined tugging at Louis’ sleeve. Louis almost gave in to Harry’s cuteness. To be honest he wasn’t actually mad at him over the silly thing; he just wants to see how needy he can get for his attention.  

Harry pouted. “You’re no fair.”

Louis wanted to pinch him on the cheeks and kiss him right on those pouty lips but then he saw some bright colorful lights and heard circus music. He stopped dead in his tracks.

“Why’d you stop?” But Louis still said nothing.  

“Come on Lou, talk, I’ll do anything.”

Louis turned around with a smirk on his face. “Anything?”


Harry’s POV

“I can’t believe you tricked me into going to a fair with you.” I whined as we passed through crowds of people with various street foods in their hands, loud children running around with toys, some were crying and begging not to leave.  

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