Chapter Two

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"Ooh! I can't wait to get there! How much longer to your grandma's house!" Scarlett squealed. Scarlett was a perky eighteen year old girl. She had short jet black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. She wore a blue tank top and blue jean shorts. She had knee long white socks and Maryjane shoes.

"Soon." Willow smirked. Willow was a laid back, but sensitive eighteen year old girl. She had navy blue short hair ,tan skin, and green eyes. She liked to wear a black tee shirt and black leggings, no matter how hot it was outside. A black beanie topped her head and she had black boots on her feet. She was the complete opposite of Scarlett, but that didn't stop them from being friends.

"Scarlett! You have been asking that every five minutes!" Robert complained. He is your usual eye roll type of seventeen year old. What ever you could say, he will say the opposite no matter how wrong he could be. He has tan skin, blond hair, and green eyes. He wore a black jean jacket with a black shirt and black jeans, just to seem cool. He also wore a black beanie and had black Converse high tops. He is Scarlett's younger step brother. Although Scarlett tries to have a good relationship with him, he can't help ignoring her efforts. He tends to ignore anyone who shows any love towards him.

"Come on, Robbie! You have to be at least a little excited! Let's see that smile!" Scarlett cheered.

"Yay, I'm bursting with happiness." He said sarcastically.

"Negativity is not a good vibe. Do I have to make you another flower crown?" She smiled.

"No. Dad had to send me down here to make friends with you. He's being dumb." Robert moaned.

"Hey, Will. Do you have any hand sanitizer?" Liam called from the back seat. Liam was an eighteen year old hypochondriac. He had brown hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. He wore a white tee-shirt and gym shorts. He had blue sneakers and white socks. He was known for being a neat freak who also likes to stay out of trouble. His friends like to take advantage of his phobia of germs and make fun of him at any time possible.

"Don't you have any?" Willow asked.

"Not anymore. James spilled an entire industrial sized hand sanitizer in the wind. It hit the car behind us." Liam complained.

"It's not my fault your fear is hilarious." James laughed. James is the eighteen year old jokester in the group. He had brown fluffy hair, Latino skin, and brown eyes. He tended to wear a blue plaid shirt, brown suspenders, and black pants. He also had black shoes. He was known for making jokes out if everything and pulling pranks. He's been orphaned ever since his parents were shot two years ago. He never brings up his parents and acts like everything is fine.

"It's not a fear, it's a preference that there aren't bacteria on my hands!" Liam fought back.

"Sure it is." James laughed.

"Are we almost there, Willow?" Scarlett asked, again.

"We're here." Willow laughed.

"Finally. I don't have to here Scarlett ask if we are there five million times!" Robert lifted his arms in the air, in triumph.

"C'mon. My grandma is inside that  big mansion." Willow got out of the car.

Willow's grandmother is a rich estate owner. She got it from the family fortune from her husbands side of the family. When he died, she inherited all of the money for her own.

The five friends will be spending the summer at the grandmother's estate. Little does the group know that someone isn't coming back.

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